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Hi, I’m Daphne, laid off during COVID, almost 30 years into working for others, and ready to change my lifestyle. Passionate about food, travel, history, and how it all can be part of my next chapter- the one all about FREEDOM at age 50 and forward!

New to the site? Check out my 1st entry and follow the FreeAt50 Facebook page. To do all I need to do online, I got GrooveFunnels – and recommend it for anyone who ever considers ANYthing online, self-employment or contract work. It is currently free for the basic plan!

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My career started 30 years ago in politics (EEK!) and recently “ended” as a marketing director for a national organization I had previously run a staff training program for. NO MORE. I am on a journey to explore opportunities to keep me from working for others and spending my time my way!

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Schedule some Zoom time! I’m happy to discuss my journey (and yours) over coffee: https://calendly.com/daphnereznik

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