Why Corporate Titles Aren't Required to Create an Impact: Blogging is the Free At 50 Way

Why Corporate Titles Aren't Required to Create an Impact: Blogging is the Free At 50 Way

Aug 23, 2021

Mindset shift: being authentic is both accepted and applauded.

I agree with business coach Hannah Shtein, creator of the Coveted Coach Accelerator, who says that operating with integrity is vital to succeed and to connect with the right people. OK- I may be paraphrasing but it was a definite take-away from a recent presentation she did in her Facebook that stuck with me. In fact, it was an affirmation and likely why I click with her as I continue on this expedition from employee to entrepreneur, confirming that corporate titles don't matter and blogging is OK.

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Let’s face it, in corporate life, authenticity isn’t a key quality that’s often accepted or valued. It’s all about “yes” and “being a team player.” It actually can cause a lot of stress, this requirement to tamp down your beliefs and sometimes go against what you feel is right. All for getting the corporate title you aspire to, because that's the 9-5 tradition.

The timing for me to hear Hannah’s words, as I was putting together this post about the misconception of a corporate title defining success, was impeccable. I was inspired to dive into this topic by Marilen Crump. She’s created a 30-Day Branded Blog Challenge who challenged any of us out there blogging to clear up misconceptions related to what we do.

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Is what's on your resume important outside 9-5 life? Yes.

I was a Covid layoff and, honestly, it was a blessing. Like many Americans, (and citizens of the globe really), I had never been laid off and was now living in a world that was shut down. One of millions in my state alone navigating the complicated process of a layoff in an unprecedented situation.

It opened up opportunities (and this is how I got into blogging). One of the first things I did after the dust settled and the realization hit, was start to work out how to earn income without working for other people and tossing aside the belief in the need for corporate titles to define us: I read the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

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In the book Ferriss gives you guidance on figuring out:

  • Your passions.
  • Your skills.
  • How you can marry them together to earn income. I LOVE THIS.

At my age, I didn’t need to review my resume. I knew (know) what skills I have. And what people have told me what I’m GREAT at. I also know what I’m not so incredible at and imagine this: I don’t love doing those things I’m not so incredible at.

Once I got my passions on paper, it was a pretty quick trip to how to use my skills to marry the two, into blogging. So take all those things YOU have worked on to build a fantastic resume and own each one as you enter your next chapter outside 9-5 life. It won't take too much time to figure out.

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It doesn't matter how empty the room is, sing like it's standing room only.

Being visible is the way to make an impact, so make yourself visible.

I cannot emphasize this enough: put yourself out there once you make the decision on how you plan to build a business (or whatever way you will create an impact).

Have you ever gone to see a band in a local venue and there are like 5 people there, but the band was amazing? Were you impacted by the music any less?

Heck, I’ve been invited and traveled to do a presentation and the room was about empty. But in the end, someone got value and follow up discussion of the content mattered.

Same concept.

  • keep pushing forward
  • keep showing up
  • keep driving traffic to your blog with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media
  • keep doing Facebook Lives in your Facebook group
  • keep doing reels on Insta
  • keep promoting your courses, books, products, and services

And if you're doing what I am, keep blogging!


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Continue to work on your marketing and your message.

If you are doing what you love, are clear on your “why” and on your message, you will not fail. You may evolve, tighten up your target market etcetera, but if you keep moving forward, you will get there.

You will have an impact and you do not need the corporate title for anyone to be positively affected by your efforts.

In short: shift your mindset: Check out this video I recorded in my Facebook group with founder of Corporate to Calling, Nora Luke.

Corporate titles do not define success: it's a misconception to think they do.

As a member of GenX I was brought up with the notion that you need to have a progression with your career. It’s all about climbing to continue “succeeding.” In fact I wrote about being part of GenX and how it influences my path to professional freedom.

I also wrote about needing to break that tradition of the 9-5 mindset by ditching the notion of time management and truly owning your time.

I’ve already broken the 9-5 tradition myself as I’ve moved out of corporate and into blogging, going from employee to entrepreneur. (I sleep without an alarm set!)

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My title right now, because I had to put something in that “box” on Linked In to complete my profile, is “blogger.” Honestly, it may not be as fancy as some kind of national director or even something in the C-Suite. But the truth is: I'm blogging!

And can I tell you how liberating it was to give myself the gift of changing my title on Linked In?

I know my impact is no less than when I ran that program in corporate, leading the leaders and training the trainers.

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I am encouraging others to live their best life by creating one of professional freedom outside the 9-5 and I plan to do that for as long as I can. There aren’t too many things more awesome than owning your time and we all deserve the opportunity.

It’s a complete misconception that 9-5 life and reaching the top of the corporate ladder, getting that “title,” defines success. Success is defined differently for each of us. For me, at age 50 and forward, it’s about professional freedom and supporting others in their journey.

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My favorite part of my corporate life is what I embrace about my current one.

Though I ended my corporate life on a Marketing team, I spent nearly a decade running a national staff training program that was focused on supporting and coaching emerging leaders across the nation, and even for a couple of years, Canada.

I loved being a part of their journey. Watching people grow professionally and become confident in their skills brought me some serious joy.

So why wouldn’t this be part of my future? And truly, do I need a corporate title to have this kind of impact? The answer is no. Absolutely not.

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I had spent years connecting people, helping them identify their strengths and guiding them to shine. And now I can do that in a way that I enjoy most!


This blog is all about inspiration (and resources of course!) to use the skills you’ve earned and marry them with your passions to live your dream life outside corporate. I do not need someone in a C-Suite to confirm that what I write will help you.

The proof is in the proverbial pudding. You benefit from the blog and:

Or you come back to Free At 50 again and again by subscribing.

But whatever you do, download the checklist here and start on it.

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