3 Powerful Ideas to Share Your Unique Offer: One Entrepreneur Hands Over Her Tips and Secrets for All of Us Turning Passion Into a Business

3 Powerful Ideas to Share Your Unique Offer: One Entrepreneur Hands Over Her Tips and Secrets for All of Us Turning Passion Into a Business

Nov 20, 2021

Meet Katie: An entrepreneur sharing tips and secrets about achieving sales success without the tradition of selling – a mindset shift after ditching the 9-5.

Katie Baird has been an entrepreneur for 10 years. She left her 9-5 life and grabbed right onto the entrepreneur’s mindset. Having left the hospitality industry to pursue her lifelong dream of writing, she built her 3rd business serving other female entrepreneurs with online marketing in 2020. She is focused on turning her passion into a business, approaching business opportunities with authenticity. Sharing her entrepreneurial tips and secrets was the reason this post was initially published and it's still valuable in 2023!

Clearly, she’s passionate about personal development. In fact, this introduction has been updated (April 2023 and again in November) to Katie's current endeavor: crafting a new business around Unwind, her signature 8-day mindset retreat, to support a wider audience with growth mindset practices! She helps women quiet the stress and tune into their inner wisdom.

Read on to her guest post below, where she shares three powerful ideas, her tips and secrets for entrepreneurs to share your offer with the world, and, specifically, your ideal client. I’m excited to have her expertise on the Free At 50 blog.

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Your dream customers want you to SHARE your amazing business with them.

You’re probably wondering, “How can I make money if I don’t SELL what I’m selling?!” I totally hear you, and I’m excited to share an entrepreneurial secret:

People are sick and tired of being sold. We all know that gross feeling when a sleazy sales pitch oozes toward us. (We want to run away screaming.) The truth is: Your prospective clients cringe and hate that as much as you do! It doesn’t feel good on the other end of that sales call either. Why do you think you avoid talking about your prices and closing the sale?

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So, stop it. Don’t sell. Share instead.

Before you roll your eyes, think about getting a recommendation from a trusted friend. They just share why they genuinely like that new restaurant or salon. Do you walk away less likely to check it out — or more?

Let’s dive into changing your mind about selling, so you can share your unique business offer with confidence!

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Why We Hate Selling Our Products or Services

Employees Have to Sell

Coming from the corporate world, we’re conditioned to sell, sell, sell. As employees, we’re judged by our performance, i.e. conversion stats. We carry that pressure into our new business, which zaps our energy and chokes the life out of our own sales calls.

New Entrepreneurs Suffer Imposter Syndrome

If you’re bravely pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, you’re probably feeling like a major fake. You think you don’t know enough, you’re going to fail, no one will buy your offer, or worse. Even though you want to build confidence, you just feel too new.

Icky Sales Tactics Are the Norm

Unfortunately, we’re used to looking for the catch, expecting the other shoe to drop, or waiting for a hidden fee. Manipulative ads and false claims make companies millions of dollars daily. As a business owner, you’d rather have a root canal than market yourself.

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Try This: Focus on Great Service First

Now take a deep breath and let go of all that terrible sales talk. Let me ask you:

What’s amazing about your product or service?

Really! Dig into this. If you ditched the 9-5 to pursue your entrepreneurial dream, you’re likely out there to make a difference. Turn up the dial and tune into how your business serves your clients.

Get specific:

  • In what ways does your service support your ideal customers?
  • How does your product provide a solution they desperately want?
  • How can you give an excellent and unique experience?

Jot down bullet points or record yourself responding to these questions out loud. Let yourself freely explore everything you LOVE about your product or service.

Doesn’t it feel exciting to focus on the benefits you bring to ideal clients? Do you feel a little better about telling people about your business from a position of service? When you tap into this stream of inspiring thoughts, you get clear on your entrepreneurial mission.

You also map out those fine details, so your deep understanding makes it easier to share.

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Focus on SHARING your offer with potential clients:

confidently (know your product/service details & value)

naturally (like a friend with a great recommendation)

If your family or friends tell you about their favorite band, recipe, after-school program, or movie, they think it’s worth sharing, right? Even if it’s not your cup of tea, you appreciate them thinking of you. Your prospects want to feel that.

Imagine if you missed out on something fantastic because someone was afraid to mention it! (Sad, right?)

Start talking about your business expecting the right people to be happy they found you.

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3 Powerful Ways to Start Sharing


Give yourself a break and share with your network. When you already know someone, even a college classmate or former coworker, they’re going to cut you some slack. Be honest that you’re nervous, you’re new, you just want to practice — whatever’s true for you! They’ll get it.

Focus on building your confidence and getting comfortable talking about your offer. Hype yourself up and remember what you love about your business beforehand.

After you share with them, ask: “Who do you know who might be looking for this?” Or if that feels too scary, try: “Please share my contact information with anyone you think would love more info!”

Believe it or not, conversations within established networks often lead to our first clients. Don’t psych yourself out if they seem fruitless. Plant the seeds and trust that the right customers will find you at the right time.


Set out to find people who are a great fit for your offer. It helps you enjoy sharing about all the benefits your business provides when you don’t need every person to buy. Let go of the old employee, must-land-the-sale mentality. No more pushing, convincing, or begging.

You left your 9-5 for freedom and joy, so keep that front and center!

Remember, it’s a numbers game. When you focus on reaching your ideal clients, you see every “no” as one person closer to an excited “yes!” Trust that it’s only a matter of time. (Psst — they’re dreaming about finding you too!)

Sometimes you need to respectfully decline a prospect. Believe me, you want a handful of dream clients more than 20 hard-to-please clients who drain your energy or question you at every turn.

Practice getting comfortable saying, “Thanks so much for your interest, but I don’t think we’re the best fit.” You make space for those ideal customers you’re looking for!


When you stop being an employee and step up to the entrepreneurial plate, it’s easy to feel out of your league. Don’t let imposter syndrome rattle you. You may not know everything yet, but you’re smart and committed to learning, right?

Take the pressure off. YOU make your service or product unique. And you don’t have to be perfect to successfully run a business. So no performing, hiding, or faking, okay?

Now more than ever, people crave authentic connection. They want to buy from real people, not hollow corporations. Show who you are, why your offer matters, and be proud of it! Understand that — just like Björk or Kiss — you’re not for everybody. (And it’s okay.)

It’s easier to share when you’re free to be yourself. Not only will your business feel more fun — you’ll also attract dream customers and get more referrals!

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You Got This, entrepreneur! Take action using these tips and secrets.

Let’s wrap up with one final note:

People aren’t doing you a favor when they buy from you.

When your business provides a service or product that truly makes life better for someone, doesn’t it make sense for them to pay you for it?

It’s a win-win! Keep that at the heart of your business, and you’ll naturally want to talk about it. Your unique offer deserves to be shared. Now get out there and connect with the people looking for you!

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