I Escaped the 9-5 Life and Then...Heading into 2022 I Won a Blogging Award!

Daphne Reznik, creator of the Free At 50 blog shares her thoughts on receiving the 2021 Encouraging Blogger Award and how you can use your skills to escape the 9-5.

Dec 28, 2021

Being Encouraging Is About Being Inspired: I'm Still Learning My First Year Blogging

Being nominated for the annual Encouraging Blogger Award is an honor and this article shares many aspects of the why behind FreeAt50 and choosing to blog over 9-5 life.

Dec 07, 2023

Join My Facebook Group. Ditching the 9-5: Resources, Tools, and Inspiration for Corporate Escape

Ditching the 9-5? Join a Facebook community focused on resources, tools, and inspiration for corporate escape with professional freedom as the goal.

Apr 19, 2021