Discover How to Shift Your 9-5 Mindset to One Focused on Professional Freedom: Get Unstuck, Take the Risk and Think Like an Entrepreneur

Discover How to Shift Your 9-5 Mindset to One Focused on Professional Freedom: Get Unstuck, Take the Risk and Think Like an Entrepreneur

Jul 26, 2021

Meet Stephanie: It’s all about the mindset shift and she’s here to help!

This guest post is from a remarkable resource and coach: Stephanie Wizman. She’s a life coach to women who are stuck and unfulfilled in their lives. Steph helps them gain direction and uncover their purpose so they can be in the driver’s seat of their lives again.

And she also refers to herself as a transition coach, in her words “quite simply because the work I do with my clients is about transitioning out of who and where they are in life now, to who and where they most want to be.”

For the readers drawn here, it’s both men and women, seeking inspiration and tools to get there. And this post delivers.

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I’ve recommended coaches continuously, and Steph is one with lots to offer. A perfect fit for her to share wisdom on the Free At 50 blog, where we can all get value from her words. We can get focused on easing the overwhelm of deciding to ditch the 9-5 and become an entrepreneur by working on our limiting beliefs of the 9-5 life.

Professional freedom is all about shifting your mindset after all and this guest article from her is a perfect inspiration to make that happen!

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shift your mindset because you to do more because you can win if you want

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What Do I Mean By Stuck?

Stuck is simple.

It’s when you know you’re not happy with where you are and/or who you are in life and have no idea where to start to make a change.

  • Maybe you have a start/stop history of attempting to create change only to fall back into your old ways.
  • Maybe you’ve spent countless hours thinking about what that “thing” is that’s going to turn it all around. This can be anything from a career transition to a transition in your state of being (who you show up as in this world).
  • Maybe you’re in search of your passion, or perhaps you’re looking for ways to be happy again.

break the chains and get unstuck from the 9-5 mindset

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Getting unstuck can be done.

Getting unstuck is putting the control of your life back in your hands by taking focused action in the direction of your personal fulfillment and happiness.

Note from Daphne: It's total mindset shift and mine was affirmed by the 4-Hour Workweek.

The Blueprint

But how did you get stuck to begin with?

As a part of your passage into adulthood, you were likely handed a blueprint for what success looks like and were taught that deviating from the blueprint was dangerous. You know the one: success is financial freedom and financial freedom comes from working hard in a traditional job today to enjoy retirement later.

Along the way make sure you get a degree, find a partner, buy a home, park a fancy car on the lot and vacation 2-3 weeks in the year. Give or take minor details, this is the blueprint.

This promises security, happiness, and a sense of acceptance, supposedly.

create your personal blueprint for life outside the 9-5

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How the 9-5 Becomes Your Default Mindset

Over time you learn that there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to do things.

You learn that stability is the consistent paycheque which is earned in exchange for your time; that it’s “normal” to work your whole life until the day you die, maybe with a few years of enjoyment before then; and that great reward comes at great risk and with great sacrifice.

You learn to FEEL that you must always be doing something productive to avoid guilt; to outsource to receive answers, and to answer to someone outside of yourself to receive assurance that you’re “enough”, instead of looking inward for both. Your value comes from busyness, overworking, and from doing the “right” things.

These learnings are so ingrained they become the basis of your belief system.

For fun, read back through all of the learnings listed and see if you can make an argument for the opposite. I think you’ll be surprised by how the opposite CAN be true, and maybe even by how liberating it feels to hold the opposite belief even if just for a brief second.

have a glimmer of hope for a future outside the 9-5 by shifting your mindset

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The Void

So, you tick off all the boxes and you’re still not fulfilled.

Curious, right?

The void is what grows within you as you favour the Blueprint over your real desires.

The void is that nagging feeling that something is missing from your life; like you’re not where you’re supposed to be.

It’s the voice in the back of your head that tells you you’d rather be literally anywhere else but here. You’re not alone.

fill the void of what is nagging inside you by shifting your mindset and taking action

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Most people spend a lot of time here – in limbo (not where they want to be) on autopilot (going about their rigid routines). Life has become so automated that you routinely live a life you’re not completely satisfied with.

Essentially, you’re stuck. And keeping you stuck is all your STUFF that gets in the way:

  • fear of failure
  • fear of judgement
  • self sabotage

...and, this belief system that was handed down to you.

The 9-5 mindset deepens the fears, encourages you to be a saboteur of your own happiness, and holds the belief system you’ve adopted from society tightly in place.

explore options outside the 9-5 life

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How to Loosen The Threads of ‘Stuckness’ and Go After What You WANT In Life

When you’re quitting your 9-5, you’re not just quitting a job. You’re also quitting the mindset that kept you stuck there all of these years. That’s no small feat. This is an undertaking that begins in the mind.

You must unlearn what you’ve been taught about happiness and success and challenge common beliefs around what it takes to be free. All of this in order to adopt a new mindset that empowers you to live into what you want to create for yourself.

After years of conditioning, you can expect resistance to a new way of being and living. Do not mistake that resistance for a sign that you’re not meant to live into your desires.

Instead, I encourage you to take it as proof that you’re stretching beyond the comfort of what you’re used to, which is evidence of growth and progress.

use the key to shifting your mindset and break the handcuffs of limiting 9-5 beliefs

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Where To Begin – The Practical Steps

First and foremost, your consumption.

The thoughts you think create your beliefs and, by extension, your experience. So, if you wish to live a different experience, be deliberate with what you feed your mind.

Remember, you want to replace the 9-5 belief system with more empowering beliefs. Read books that offer up a different perspective, find tools and resources that can help you take action and use social media to your advantage.

There is so much value, so much information and so many inspiring leaders and teachers out there. Do not underestimate the value and support offered through the content you engage with.

By simply reading the words on this page, you’ve introduced yet another option on the menu of choice for what is possible for your life. It is now up to you to choose what you will do with it.

A Testament to My Passion

Of course, the best advice I have to offer is to hire a coach.

When you are in fact ready to take action and make a change in the direction of your vision, your best assets will be those who can help you overcome yourself.

set yourself up to take action on ditching the 9-5 mindset

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You have blind spots and fears, and you will self sabotage. We all do. It’s about how you respond and pivot when that STUFF comes up. Your coach will help you see what you can’t (or won’t), challenge you to overcome your fears and keep you accountable to follow through when you want to sabotage.

Best of all, the mindset shifts that take place in this partnership will serve you on your journey beyond the immediate coaching relationship. Coaching changed my life and, once you’ve found a coach who is the RIGHT fit for you and what you want to create, I wholeheartedly believe it will change yours too.

Here’s to swimming against the tides and to your personal freedom.

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