What is Flow State? 3 Reasons You Need It as an Entrepreneur

What is Flow State? 3 Reasons You Need It as an Entrepreneur

Jun 15, 2021

Introduction to the Concept of Being in the Flow: How to Know When it Happens

AKA “being in the zone” (which is the terminology I always heard), being in the flow state of mind is vital for me. It always has been. And I suspect many others out there appreciate it as well. And also know when it’s happening.

But do you all embrace it? As a blogger, I have no choice in my opinion. You cannot force creativity. You can understand flow state and the reasons it is what entrepreneurs need.

being in the zone as a writer and entrepreneur letting creativity flow

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Beyond that: to me flow state defines the 4-Hour Workweek lifestyle I’m going after! In my opinion, professional freedom is about having the flexibility to work when you are in the zone and step back when you need a break or are not “in it” mentally.

BBC outlines the flow state really well in this article detailing the psychology behind the words and offers a great start introducing you to the mindfulness involved with flow. (I know- I’m sounding “woo” again in this post but bear with me, I mean you all can identify with “being in the zone” right?)

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reminder of the importance of flow

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Reason 1: Confidence and Productivity Result from Embracing Flow

Hitting publish (or “schedule to publish”) is one of the BEST feelings for me in my blogging life.

Because I’ll be honest, when I am not in the zone, I just don’t write. Being in the zone and working in a flow state gives me confidence. I’m rooting myself on and pushing myself forward the whole way.

When I’m done things may not be perfect but being so incredibly productive means that I’m close.

Again to be honest, I don’t make too many changes when I’ve written (or worked on anything) in “the zone.” And that itself gives me confidence. It gives me pride of knowing I accomplished what I meant to and most often, even more than I intended.

The productivity side of that: it’s rare I get one task accomplished in the flow; usually one success leads me down another path and into other things I may have sitting on my to-do list.

being in the flow state and tackling your to-do list

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Reason 2: Completing Tasks and Getting So Much Accomplished Equals Relaxation

Who doesn’t get a that spike of excitement when you “check it off the list” – whatever IT is? We all do, I know it. In fact, I’ve met people (me included!) that would write something down AFTER they did it just to check it off.

Sound familiar?

That feeling of Zen after you complete your list is unbeatable. You can genuinely be present in anything else you are doing and with whoever you are in the company of once you’ve been truly productive.

being the flow and being productive brings a feeling of relaxation

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I wrote about this in my post about other people’s bad decisions no longer stealing my time: health is a priority along with family. Knowing you can relax because you’ve gotten so much done is priceless.

This means knowing you can truly step away. And that y’all is the decisive path to truly being able to relax and a crucial part in overall reduction of stress.

Reason 3: Working in the Flow is the Ultimate Professional Freedom

I’ve been batching work when I’m in the flow and then if I don’t get back to that flow state for a few days or a week- no problem!

I’m limited on what I actually have to do for the next week and can enjoy the lifestyle I’ve been striving for: the 4 Hour Workweek life. To me: this is the ultimate in professional freedom.

Productivity, Flow and Moving Forward with Professional Freedom Outside 9-5 Life

For me, quarterly goals, then monthly, are best. This gives me the “calm” I need to know that I have flexibility to work when I’m in the flow state and, therefore, produce my best work. It’s a huge change from my past life in the 9-5.

Escaping that 9-5 trap has allowed me to really be my best self, much more often than in the past. Not to say I was never in the zone over those 30 years- I had absolute rushes of it and took full advantage!

The difference, as a blogger and an entrepreneur, is that now I have the relaxed feeling of knowing I have control over my deadlines and goals.

organizing your time around what works for you to accomplish goals and meet deadlines

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