Early Girl Writing: Operating on my Own Timetable

Early Girl Writing: Operating on my Own Timetable

Aug 23, 2020

5am or midnight? 5am. It used to be midnight for sure but the last 15-20 years have not only brought age and wisdom but a shift in my internal clock. I wake up early, sometimes super-early. My partner in life is a combination of annoyed and astounded that my brain seems to be on overdrive so early in the AM and truly, I shut down on any semblance of productivity or creative thought by noon.

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Perfect for my new lifestyle! This leaves the rest of the day to enjoy with him, read books, talk to friends or do WHATEVER.

So I come to you today from my balcony in downtown Lansing, Michigan, the capitol city, where my view is a sky with the pink of being well past sunrise by 7am, an occasional jogger and of our neighbors who wander (and live on) the streets of Lansing, chillin’ on the benches of Cooley Law School Stadium in advance of the mission opening a block away.

But for the sound of construction, a bit of traffic and their voices occasionally carrying up 3 stories, it’s pretty silent.

I am three months and about a week into the elimination of corporate responsibilities and deadlines and couldn’t be happier about the prospect of continuing, for ever and ever (fingers crossed) being self-reliant and without a “boss.”

That is not to say that in my quest for said self-reliance I won’t ever really have deadlines. I do plan (at this point) some income streams that would include clients but overall, a “no-deadlines” lifestyle—or loose deadlines anyway.

As part of my learning and growth process I’m checking out blogs my friends have written, websites some have created and am seeking inspiration (as well as soaking up the knowledge and experience) of several great minds, all of whom I see a kindred spirit, or at the very least a common goal, in.

Inspired? I hope so. The life you want is within reach, just grab it and go. This is my personal happiness but I write the words down not for self-gratification but as inspiration… and a challenge to make yourself happy.