When a Conversation on Facebook about Work Inspires a Blog Post for Free At 50

When a Conversation on Facebook about Work Inspires a Blog Post for Free At 50

Feb 13, 2023

Who does work on a Saturday? Me! And sometimes I do nothing work-related on a Monday.

The Free At 50 lifestyle is what this blog is all about- sharing resources and inspiration to help you escape the 9-5 life (if that’s what you want to do) and go after time freedom. To be clear, time freedom can come with the right corporate (or other) job.

I get that. And I want you to have it in whatever form makes you happy.

This is why I go beyond the blog and have social media accounts based on Free At 50 which leads to conversations on Facebook, including one I recently had about working on Saturday. For me, blogging for business is my version of time freedom.

The conversation in Facebook messenger went something like this with a friend who is diving into his passion (hobby) and got excited about the idea of blogging as a possibility to track his journey and share information.


And that means I need to think… who does that on a Saturday?


Me! But I also randomly do no work on a Wednesday. Or a Monday. #bloglife. And that Saturday thing? That’s called passion.

Here is the list: https://tinyurl.com/StartABlogactionitems (note: this is the list I created, providing action items to start a blog)

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Turning your passion into a business causes working on a Saturday to bring joy, not sorrow.

You can, and should, explore turning your passion into a business.

My conversation with my friend on Facebook was really about his pursuit of a passion grounded in a hobby. That kind of conversation gets me recharged and motivated to keep going with my own journey into blogging.

Why? Because conversations like this are why I do what I do!

I have a number of passions that led me to creating this blog and the Free At 50 brand as a whole:

  • Writing.
  • Encouraging others.
  • Empowering others.
  • History.
  • Most important: Family.

The first three tie directly into my skill set and how I’ve loved using those skills throughout my career.

It was always FUN for me. In fact, a whole slew of adjectives describes what using those skills meant to me: rewarding, fulfilling, confident, and of course, happy.

Blogging to encourage and empower others, especially knowing it is in terms of sharing ideas and tools for them to live their dream life, is beyond rewarding and fulfilling.

The last two are my why.

photo credit: Daphne Reznik

I love history and consider myself a true history nerd! My favorite vacation spot for years has been Colonial Williamsburg and now I live here.

Time freedom from the 9-5 extended into location-freedom.

Being location independent has changed my life and the history that surrounds me repeatedly inspires me. Sometimes I even base a blog post on my adventures at the museum!

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photo credit: Daphne Reznik

As for family, let’s get real: when you hit your 40s and 50s, priorities change. Life evolves and you see past the horizon of midlife into your golden years.

If I’m aging, so are my parents. My last few years in corporate life really had me thinking about:

  • How I would navigate the necessity to jump on a plane and get to them if they needed me.
  • How to reorganize my schedule (especially since I traveled and did speaking engagements most weeks).
  • How deadlines would be met.
  • If I would be required to jump on calls and constantly check email while I was with them.

In my personal headspace, I was resetting my priorities.

It’s not that I didn’t love my family before leaving corporate life and making the decision to stay out of it, it’s that I feel more compelled to have time freedom in order to be there for them, both mentally and physically.

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Time freedom means I choose if I work on a Saturday or take Monday off.

Working on Saturday, throughout my career, brought me more sorrow than joy (ok maybe that’s a bit dramatic).

The truth is, I worked a lot of Saturdays.

Starting in my political career, especially during campaign season, all the way through my corporate career where I travelled extensively and was on stage or in front of a room most weeks of the year.

Since other people earn their income Monday through Friday, they typically attend seminars and conferences on weekends, so many Saturdays were on my work schedule during my corporate life.

The attendees may be sacrificing one Saturday, but since we served groups all over the United States (and Canada for a while) those Saturdays added up for me.

Often, it was exhausting.

Did I hate traveling and seeing people all over the country? No. I loved to travel. I loved seeing the amazing people I worked with in “real life.” But if I work on a Saturday now, it is 100% my choice, maybe because I’m inspired on a Saturday! And it means I can “not work” to rest and recharge any day of the week.

Time freedom is the Free At 50 lifestyle. It’s the blogger and entrepreneur life.

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Note: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases on links I share, but it does not change your price.

Freedom starts today, even if it’s Saturday.

Freedom can start today. Creating time freedom by working on a Saturday not just your typical “workday,” is possible. Shift your mindset out of the one you may have been conditioned to if you’re a GenX type like me. You do not need to have everything planned to a T and in perfect form. You can get started on your 9-5 escape, or whatever your next chapter will be, right now.

Get in the mindset of freedom. Need help? Here are some links for you... use them and take an action now!

And of course, the book that was my affirmation into this lifestyle:

Cheers to owning your time: freedom starts today! 

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