Grow Your Business Online: Time to Celebrate July 13th, Embrace Your Geekness Day, with an Entrepreneur's Mindset

Grow Your Business Online: Time to Celebrate July 13th, Embrace Your Geekness Day, with an Entrepreneur's Mindset

Jul 13, 2021

The Value of Being A Geek with an Entrepreneur's Mindset.

Thanks to Cyndi of Ascent Storycraft for bringing this recognized “day” to my attention. Mostly because looking at embracing geekness is important in building an entrepreneur’s mindset. Especially if the goal is to grow your business online, where technology is the foundation of your business.

After 30 years, I am truly blessed by my layoff in that I now am pursuing the lifestyle I want. Since leaving the corporate setting, my life has been all about building a life of professional freedom and for me that means building income streams that do not include working for others.

grow your business online with investing in training and learning about technology

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But what THAT really means: I have no IT department on speed dial. I am on my own and while I’ve been embracing imperfect action lately, I have also been embracing my geekness. So when I saw this date from Cyndi, it resonated, and I knew I had to write about it as I work on blogging as the first of my income streams.

Creating this blog from scratch and without any technical training is not an easy feat.

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Resources: Geeks and Experts of all Kinds are Everywhere

Not Everyone is a true geek, but that’s ok.

We all have a bit inside us and if we don’t have enough, there are people that can help with that. At the very least, we need to start with an entrepreneur’s mindset: there are things we need to learn and things we need to hire people for to grow a business online.

Meet the Geek in Your Pocket through our Interview Series will hopefully show you two things:

  1. There are amazing people out there building businesses that can support you.
  2. That using your skills (and discovering new ones!) to escape the 9-5 is possible.

    laptop and tools for creating a business online

    What is bringing about my being a geek?

    Entrepreneurship. Knowing I need to be in an entrepreneurs mindset to succeed.

    Also contributing: my new tools. To truly be ready to grow your business online you need to learn technology at some level.

    For me that comes in the form of three resources:

    1. Groove. It’s the all-in-one platform this blog is built and hosted on, which will also be used for multiple aspects of my business. I’m planning to use it for email automation, collecting payment, calendar booking, and landing pages to name a few.

    2. People. From Facebook Groups like mine, where tools and tips are shared, to discussions with my coach and my tech mentor, my understanding of tech is absolutely improving! Other bloggers have been encouraging and have led me to all of these things.

    3. Training. Online tutorials, books and courses are helping me get further along with the blog.

    4. My own excitement to have professional freedom. This is a big motivator to go outside my comfort zone and learn everything from using Canva to SEO (the acronym for search engine optimization).

    using tools to build a business online

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    Closing thoughts on July 13th, Geekness, and Having an Entrepreneur’s Mindset

    Maybe it doesn’t have to do with anyone specifically setting a day aside and marketing it to everyone, but what makes July 2021 special to you?

    If I break it down this way, it’s about genuinely owning my entrepreneur’s mindset and creating income streams to ensure my professional freedom continues.

    And as far as celebrating “Geekness,” I’ll be doing it any month of the year I am working to grow my business online.

    So in addition to July being known in my family for my parents’ wedding anniversary and now the 13th being recognized for Embrace Your Geekness Day, I may be hitting a drive-thru to also recognize the 13th as National French Fry Day or, specifically Chik-Fil-A’s drive-thru since it’s their Cow Appreciation Day- and doing it all extra-cautiously taking note of Operation Safe Driver Week here in the U.S.

    What will you be honoring?

    Share with me what July means to you in the comments below.

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