4 Ways To Shift into an Entrepreneurial Mindset So You Can Escape The 9-5 Life and Own Your Time

4 Ways To Shift into an Entrepreneurial Mindset So You Can Escape The 9-5 Life and Own Your Time

Aug 17, 2021

Meet Chelsie and move 4 steps closer to owning your time.

Guest Author Chelsie is a mindset mentor for new + aspiring female entrepreneurs. Her passion for helping women entrepreneurs started when her own fear, self doubt, and imposter syndrome held her back from creating a profitable business and making the impact she wanted.

Speaking from experience and sharing her knowledge, she specializes in helping others silence their inner critic so they can make a full-time income with their business. From Canada to the Free At 50 world, here is her article!

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Introduction to the 4 steps.

Taking that giant leap from a comfy, stable, reliable paycheck to entrepreneurial life is scary as heck. (there’s no beating around the bush on that one!)

But unfortunately, that scary feeling is the number one reason most people stay in a job they hate. Every day they show up to work, wishing they had a different life, but fear and self doubt keep them from making the change.

Welllll that’s all about to change!

I want to show you 4 ways you can overcome that fear by shifting into an entrepreneurial mindset so you can escape your 9-5 and own your time!

open the door to an entrepreneurs mindset

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Step 1: Seek Discomfort

Starting a business is scary for many reasons but I have found ONE word that encompasses all our fears around entrepreneurship...


Most people don’t end up leaving their jobs because having a job is predictable. They know how much money they’re going to make, how they’re going to pay their bills and what their daily tasks look like.

But when you start a business, predictability goes out the window, and that feels hella uncomfortable.

If you have seen yestheory on youtube, their mission is to seek discomfort. They search for things that bring “pain” and discomfort because the best things in life exist outside your comfort zone.

Yes, having a stable income is comfortable and predictable, but when you start living outside of all the things that make you feel comfortable- that’s when you will find true joy and success

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And that’s what entrepreneurial life is all about! Entrepreneurs seek discomfort because they know that’s where the most growth comes from.

Predictability is, well, predictable. If you stay in a 9-5, you already know what the rest of your life will look like, and for some, that’s more scary than quitting their job!

If you truly want to leave your job and enter entrepreneurship, you need to shift your mindset around discomfort because that’s where growth and success thrive.

the key to success shifting your mindset

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Step 2: Create Self Belief

Self belief is honestly the most important tool you can implement in your business. If you don’t believe that you can be an entrepreneur, then sadly you will never become one. (Debbie Downer, I know!)

Self doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

If you’re living your days filled with self doubt, you are going to develop unnecessary thinking. You are going to spend all your brain power thinking about why you can’t do something that you will have no more energy left to find solutions and implement those solutions.

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If self doubt is off the table and you never have to spend precious time worrying and stressing about whether you can do it or not- you now have allll that time and energy to just put towards building your business.

This is where fast results come from.

When you’re not wasting time second guessing yourself, doubting your abilities, comparing yourself to others' success; you are able to create rapid results (a.k.a more moola).

Entrepreneurs have blind faith that is fueled by their belief that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. They do without overthinking so they can focus their time and energy on things that are actually going to bring them joy, fulfillment and 🎶 money money money money 🎶

the pieces of the puzzle to income is an entrepreneurs mindset

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Step 3: Turn OFF Victim Mode

When you work a 9-5 everything is ALWAYS someone else's fault. Your cranky boss is the reason you’re not getting a promotion, your co-worker doesn’t know what they’re doing and it’s reflecting poorly on you, the company is expecting too much from you causing you to feel stressed at work and at home.

Everything is someone else’s fault.

I also like to call this victim mode. And when you become an entrepreneur this little button needs to be switched OFF.

Some of it actually gets automatically switched off for you whether you want it to or not because now you are the boss, the co-worker and the “company”. YOU are responsible for the results of your business.

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But when there are days in your business that don’t go as planned or you’re not making the income you thought you would that month- victim mode gets turned back on. You start blaming everything and anything instead of looking for solutions to fix the actual reason why you’re not making sales.

When you’re in victim mode, you will secretly self sabotage the success of your business by putting your focus on the wrong things.

Owning your mistakes, coming up with solutions when things go wrong, and continually moving forward (even when it is someone else’s fault) are all the qualities you will need to enter entrepreneurial life.

Turn off victim mode and watch your success grow to levels you’ve only dreamed of.

use the power of shifting to an entrepreneurs mindset

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Step 4: Retrain your brain around time

I think the biggest thing new entrepreneurs get wrong is time.

If you’re currently working a 9-5 job, your focus of time probably looks something like this:

-Wake up to an alarm clock
-Get ready for work while watching the time so you’re not late
-Start working at 9:00am on the dot
-Anxiously wait for coffee break #1
-Enjoy coffee break, but again, keeping your eye on the time so your boss doesn’t get upset that you took a long coffee

  • Back to work for a few more hours
  • lunch break
  • work again
  • home time
  • Watching the clock to make sure you get to bed at a decent time because you have to work in the morning

get organized for becoming an entrepreneur

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All while thinking about the weekend, you’re next booked vacation time and finally, the day you get to retire and start owning your time.

I’m getting anxious just writing this lol

Jobs keep us in “production line” mode and time is labeled as the most important thing when it comes to work.

They tell us that in order to be productive you have to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with a few weeks of holidays.

So when you first enter entrepreneurship it’s dang hard to break this thought habit.

organize your desk and have a clear mind

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Time does not equal more production.

If you truly want to own your time, you need to re-read that sentence.

YOU own your time. You get to decide how much time you require in order to achieve the results you want.

That could mean 5 hours a day, or 2 hours a day, or 3 full days of work per week. You do not have to work just for the sake of putting in a full 8 hours to get the results you want.

You need to retrain your brain around production and work because it has been influenced your entire life.

Shifting your mindset around time will help you ditch the monotony of a 9-5 and become a successful entrepreneur with more freedom to enjoy life here and now. (not just when you retire!)

shift your mindset around time

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There you go!

The 4 ways you can shift into an entrepreneurial mindset so you can finally ditch your job!

Making the switch can feel scary, but when you begin to transform your mindset, you will develop that incredible entrepreneurial blind faith that everything is working in your favour and you can accomplish anything!

Just take the first step.

Love you to the moon 🌙

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