Lipstick On: New Life New Opportunities in a Year of Covid

Lipstick On: New Life New Opportunities in a Year of Covid

Aug 27, 2020

Ready. Set. Zoom.

I just set my Zoom camera for optimal viewing, added notes to my desktop whiteboard, lit my Island Air scented candle and am getting ready to put lipstick on for only the 3rd time since mid-May.

One time was to get on a Zoom call with a friend, the next was a mistake (duh, the mask) and today is legit: I am working on a test project for business purposes. The 2020 pandemic has changed many things in our daily lives, the need and ease of wearing lipstick absolutely being one of them.

Going for a new life with new opportunities during a year of Covid is all about resetting your mindset and getting that lipstick on.

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Back to business outside the 9-5:

-LLC filed (check!)
-Business checking account set up (check!)
-Income stream ideas (Gen Xers understand my Franklin Covey approach to these bullet points!) – for anyone else- this one is “in progress.”

So today I work on “working.” Not that I haven’t been. I’ve taken advantage of Linked In Premium’s offered access to Linked In Learning as well as some free online courses (new opportunities) and presentations I’ve stumbled on through my journey into this next, un-corporate, self-reliant, phase of existence. And into my 50s. My new life.

I read the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and am sold. TBH, I was already there but I didn’t know there was a “lifestyle design” out there based on everything that was happening in my head. Call it confirmation or affirmation or realization, but I am ecstatically on my way enjoying life while I still (God-willing) have the ability to.