The TedX Post: What I'd Say If I Were Doing a Ted Talk about Deserving Professional Freedom and Ditching the Tradition of 9-5 Forever

The TedX Post: What I'd Say If I Were Doing a Ted Talk about Deserving Professional Freedom and Ditching the Tradition of 9-5 Forever

Aug 30, 2021

Is following the 9-5 tradition a true indicator of success or limiting your belief system and true potential?

Why do we feel compelled to be the first in and the last out at the office (online or in person)?

Why do we celebrate title changes as major feats?

Why do we care? I don’t. Never did if I’m honest.

Well, to be perfectly honest, work ethic was important to me, so I did what I was supposed to:

· College.
· Internship (free AKA labor in exchange for credit).
· Got a 9-5 that truly was anywhere from 40-80 hours a week.
· Paid taxes for 30 years.
· Attempted to be the first in/last out.

I progressed in title and in salary as my career moved forward and the years stacked up behind me.

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celebrate a life of professional freedom and creation of the Free At 50 lifestyle and brand

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Then BOOM: I was 49. My 50th birthday was right in front of me.

· People were dying around me.

· People were hitting AA (or sadly not).

· Me and my friends discussed colonoscopies and other procedures as often we used to discuss the latest flavored vodka.

The tradition of 9-5 is only one way to define success. In my opinion and from what I’ve found out since I’ve left corporate is that it’s pretty limiting when you think about it. The truth is that you can be creative designing your lifestyle and making an impact using your skills.

This doesn’t necessarily require an alarm clock or an 8-hour day.

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not required to wake up to an alarm clock when living the Free At 50 lifestyle

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Growing into the revelation and having that revelation: 30 years in the making.

Little did I know when I walked into the dorm at Michigan State in the fall of 1988 that this “climbing” thing wasn’t true “progression,” it was simply: climbing.

It would feel so blatantly obvious on a trip to my corporate HQ a few years back when my co-worker and I (both remote workers) compared the people in the cubicles to hamsters in a wheel. The anxiety (and the spinning) was palpable. Something I’m sure most of us who have ditched 9-5 life have thought of before.

Before you assume this a rant, it’s not. I’m not saying that no one should ever work 9-5, or especially avoid the corporate experience.

enjoy working as a blogger and living the Free At 50 life outside the 9-5

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Experience counts so don’t take it lightly.

In fact, having worked in government, small business, for a medium-sized business bought by private equity and ultimately sold to a global corporation, has given me experience and skills with some street smarts thrown in, and a solid understanding of the value of life. Specifically the value of enjoying every moment.

I’ve earned it. So I’m going for it: ditching the 9-5 forever and taking my experience with me.

When you’re ready you should too.

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But do not underestimate the importance of gaining a skill set to launch you into your next chapter based on professional freedom. Nor should you underestimate the ability to gain the financial freedom you need to build your life outside the 9-5 rat race.

Because at some point, unless corporate life is something you thrive on-- and it’s not causing you stress and potential health issues of course!-- you will want to get out.

Again, corporate life may be good for some, but not for me.

And if it’s not for you, I want to help you escape with the Free At 50 blog, and my Facebook group about Ditching the 9-5.

You can also book a call with me (for FREE!) to discuss taking action.

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the gift of professional freedom

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Don’t worry, be happy is not just a song from the 80s, it’s my life now.

Do not wait until someone tells you it’s time to retire.

What is retirement anyway? How about living a life of professional freedom? How about doing what you love and earning the income you need?

The statistics I’ve found on workplace stress are staggering.

Check out this article on the website to view statistics.

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My personal well-being has drastically improved.

My blood pressure is no longer an issue, I get my sleep (no more waking up all hours and looking at email or stressing over other people’s actions), and importantly other people’s bad decisions no longer steal my time. This is a huge factor in my own mental and physical health.

Because we all know that stress can be a cause of many physical problems.

I no longer feel the need to get massages or treat myself to expensive “fixes” to relax. And let’s be real, I grabbed my phone before I even hit the checkout desk when I got a massage.

And I now live in the place that used to be my vacation go-to! #truehappiness

Again... if you want to discuss making it happen for you, I'm here to chat. Click here and type "action" in the booking notes!

garden in Colonial Williamsburg where Daphne Reznik moved to be Free At 50

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Enough about me, what about you?

What inspires you? Do it.

What is holding you back?
· Is it money?
· Is it fear of the unknown?
· Is it the belief system about working 9-5 as a tradition?
· Is it not knowing where to start?

I got you on this. All of it.

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Action items:

  • Even commit to getting a coach for some clarity. You can do a discovery call with me by clicking here to get a bit of clarity and inspire, or even (yes, really!) motivate you to ditch the 9-5 if that’s really what you want and need. Type "action" in the booking notes.


It's this: download my 6-Step Checklist to Escape the 9-5 and start right now.

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So do something to get you on the path to professional freedom, whatever that looks like for you. You deserve it.

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