Positivity Plus Motivation Equals Productivity: 5 Tips for Success

Positivity Plus Motivation Equals Productivity: 5 Tips for Success

Nov 04, 2020

Note to Self- Know Thyself to be productive.

I know better: no more afternoon educational webinars. I am way more productive in the earlier part of the day. So as I sit waiting for a 2pm webinar on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I signed up for, I am kicking myself because my brain just isn’t ready for something that is (to me!) so complicated. Afternoon sessions: productivity killer.

But what did come into my brain was a blog topic, this one. You see, the whole point (and excitement) of my decision to steer clear of corporate and into professional freedom, was to have a stress-free (as much as possible) life. Right?

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So I just came back to writing this after watching an excellent masterclass on SEO and realized quickly it wasn't for me. I am confident it's for others. This is all part of the learning process of being free and unstructured professionally and it's ok. I learned enough to know that I will be reliant on another way to approach SEO and, again, appreciative I jumped on Groove knowing my style and needs. Or at least what I know of them so far.

My 5 tips on maximizing productivity, along with the permission that all of this is OK. My blog is a #NoGuiltZone after all.

  1. Get in the right mindset- ever have a day where no matter what kind of reorganizing your workspace you do, how strong the coffee is or whatever is on your to-do list you just can’t focus? Then if you can avoid it, don’t “do” it. Do something different. Read a book, listen to a motivational podcast, or go for a run. Cleanse your brain from the clutter and return when you are focused and have clarity. One tip I learned awhile back: set different days aside for different types of things. Mondays and Wednesdays for planning/reviewing the week and simple checklist tasks, Tuesdays and Thursdays for projects and research, Fridays for final follow-ups and ideas/strategy.
  2. Get in the right atmosphere- whether that means diffusing peppermint and orange oils to invigorate and energize you, setting up your “workspace” with a view, or listening to your favorite music on Spotify, atmosphere can make or break your productivity. And the final product itself. For me the atmosphere is not a given, it depends on what I'm in the mood for but I allow myself to have whatever it is my brain and body crave to get something accomplished. Added in 2023: my Workcation tips!
  3. Plan your calendar accordingly– block time. I’ve mentioned this many times: batching your work and blocking time! There's value in setting time aside for different things, whether it is personal or professionally-oriented, be fair to yourself, your family, friends and clients.
  4. Set things aside and come back with clarity– as long as you know the deadline, it is ok to work on things when you are at peak performance; setting things aside is not procrastinating if you are goal-driven and responsible to ensure you meet the deadline.
  5. Be positive. Sounds easier than it may be. I have had moments of sheer terror thinking I will never be able to earn income through this 4-Hour Workweek lifestyle of professional freedom, owning my time but in the end, they were only moments. Clarity comes from so many directions nowadays. All about positivity: inspirational quotes I see on Pinterest and Instagram (which I'm happy to share if you link up with me), self-care (one of my go-tos is facials at home!), reading books that have nothing to do with real life (mine anyway!), sipping a cozy cup of green tea (recommended for many reasons), picturing a place I love and re-visiting the memories, and most of all, people. I have an amazing community, some were lifelong, some which I met along this journey and some from my corporate life.