3 Ways to Celebrate Wins as an Entrepreneur Because it's the Free At 50 Word of the Year.

3 Ways to Celebrate Wins as an Entrepreneur Because it's the Free At 50 Word of the Year.

Jan 24, 2024

Choosing a word of the year is an entrepreneurial type thing and I'm doing it again in 2024.

Once again, I am compelled to choose a word.

As a blogger, an encourager, a cheerleader for everyone working on 9-5 escape... I feel compelled to continue the tradition of selecting a word of the year. This year it was easy: WINS.

Undoubtedly, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, and sometimes a bit defeated, in the world of entrepreneurship. Without co-workers on speed dial and the fear of failure looming as you work to build a business, celebrating wins is vital.

And believe me, you might have more wins to count than you realize when you're caught up in your day-to-day life.

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Why am I choosing WINS for 2024?

Here’s the thing: like mentioned above, it's easy to get overwhelmed when you're caught up in the daily life of an entrepreneur.

Realizing the actions you've taken mean something (and they do) is important to me... for myself and for anyone like you, working towards goals. It's a mindset thing for sure and adding the celebration of wins to your toolkit: priceless in the entrepreneurial journey.

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3 ways to celebrate your wins.

1) Write them down: acknowledge your wins and revisit them!

I'm famous (in my own mind at least!) for adding things I've completed to my to-do list just to check them off. Sound familiar?

What about if you added goals you've hit, difficult tasks you've completed, new things you've learned... all to a journal or a whiteboard? Or even on little sticky notes to post around your workspace?

The act of writing down your wins, big or small, and having them to look at can create a mindset shift and remind you how far you've come. When you start to question your decision, your ability, or your confidence, look back at those wins.

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2) Share your wins with others.

A little bragging and applause for your wins is ok. Especially when 1) you share it with people who have been supporting you and 2) you share it with people on the same journey.

So when something good happens in your journey, call your friends or jump into my Ditching the 9-5 Facebook group (or others you belong to) and tell us!

Not only will it give you a boost in this self-employed life without breakrooms and co-workers on speed dial, but it could truly give OTHERS encouragement and inspiration to hit their goals.

On that note, offer yourself up to celebrate others' wins. I LOVE doing it and that's why I created my 3-2-1 take action offer because let's be honest, one of the things I loved most in my last J.O.B. was encouraging and helping others!

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3) Use wins to propel you forward into taking action.

Goalsetting is vital in entrepreneurship - in every aspect of life in fact.

But attaining goals can be overwhelming. Celebrating wins along the way can propel you into taking the next necessary action.


For me, tech is overwhelming. As a blogger, it's required. If I could just write without worrying about blog maintenance (and Google would send readers my way!) life would be fantastic... but that's not reality.

My goal: the Free At 50 blog is one Google loves. Meaning this blog has posts that rank and organic traffic that translates into thousands of monthly pageviews.

Let's be honest: it doesn't happen overnight... not even in a couple years.

I use my Epic Blog Planner to record "blog maintenance tasks" and "projects" in a checklist-style. It's actually a form set up in the monthly sections of the planner and I just fill in the blanks.

By having the necessary tasks listed out individually, breaking my large goals into attainable bits each month, I can:

  • review what I've completed and
  • see the next task I need to tackle on the journey to big-time blog traffic

Seeing those tech-y tasks I loathe and dread accomplished shifts my mindset into an "I can do tech-y things" attitude.

And that motivates me make the next move with the difficult (to me) part of blog life.

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Closing it out with a quote to motivate you.

On my history blog, I've made it a habit to close with words from the past. I'm stealing the idea for this post- words to motivate you on celebrating wins. Then of course, a few calls to action.

Lao Tzu quote. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Calls to action:

  • Drop your word of the year in the comments below.
  • Join my Facebook group and keep your word of the year front and center as you engage with others, introduce yourself, and knock out goals.
  • Download my 6-Step Checklist to Escape the 9-5 and add all wins onto your worksheets as you move through the steps.
  • Book time with me a free call with me to discuss your "word of the year" over coffee and let’s chat on ways it can impact your next chapter. And if it makes sense to work together, we can get you a win using my 3-2-1 take Action program.

Cheers to 2024!

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