How to Start a Blog--or Some Kind of Online Self Employment: Take Action!

How to Start a Blog--or Some Kind of Online Self Employment: Take Action!

Dec 09, 2020

Thoughts about changing your life this year? Taking action can move you forward.

I didn't PLAN to design a whole new lifestyle in 2020. Definitely not how to start a blog and create income streams. Let's face it, I was in corporate America. It's cushy and easy to believe just by being passionate and giving it your all, the paycheck will continue. But in reality: it's incredibly volatile.

Even without COVID (which was the cause of my layoff), layoffs and restructures are common. While I've already stated how grateful many times, I want to reiterate it! As far as blogging, well- I am loving it! Starting a blog and focusing on online self-employment was the best decision ever.

Click here to download the "start a blog" checklist I created! (update in June, 2023) And if you really want to dive in: book a call with me! Check out my offer here.

I did not plan this but what I absolutely did THINK ABOUT was that if ever faced with it, I would not want to work for anyone again. Self employment (truly semi-retirement) was going to be my ride off into the sunset. Once faced with the decision (and believe me it was pretty immediate) I had a goal: professional freedom. In September, I wrote a post about breaking tradition and ditching the 9-5 lifestyle.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." I used this quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry often in my corporate presentations to small businesses. I'll be d---ed if I wasn't going to follow my own advice and create a plan, as fluid as it might be.

Disclosure: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases I share, but it does not change your price.

I've always been one to pick up the phone and as my old boss, continual mentor and current dear friend Jill used to say "throw some spaghetti on the wall." I did a lot of that in between dealing with the "stuff" that goes along with transitioning out of a job. Then my friend Diana told me about the 4 Hour Workweek and, if you've read my first blog post, you know that was not only my inspiration and sorta guide, but an affirmation. This life I want is possible.

How to do it? 4 Tips on starting a blog and focusing on online self-employment.

  1. Google it. You will be shocked how much is out there. You can certainly get inspired. You will also see a lot of trainings and free course opportunities pop up in all your social media. I share valuable resources in my 6-Step Checklist to Escape the 9-5.
  2. Create your peer group. Talk to people, jump on the Facebook groups like mine. In short: Build your tribe. This post nails it (if I don't say so myself)!
  3. Do not be afraid of the tech. It is hard. Especially if you don't have the background but if I can learn things and create this blog, you can too! Check out Groove, where my blog is hosted (I'm updating this post October 2022). Groove has an amazing cache of video tutorials, a mentorship program and, wait for it... a Facebook group!
  4. It doesn't have to be perfect. You may not know how you want to earn your income (blogging, affiliate marketing, creating a product, freelance writing, or virtual assistant services) but just start.

In the end, set yourself up for the life you want. #CreateYourHappy! Go for it: start a blog. Focus on online self-employment. You have skills and can use them for your future!

Take action now.

First: watch this inspiring interview with my business coach!

Second: download my 6-Step Checklist to Escape the 9-5 and get organized!

Third: work with me on getting you TAKING ACTION.