Free At 50 Blog's 2023 Summer Interview Series: Margaret Bourne Sets Goals and Does What She Loves

Free At 50 Blog's 2023 Summer Interview Series: Margaret Bourne Sets Goals and Does What She Loves

Jun 21, 2023

Meet Margaret: my friend, my blog mentor, and a successful entrepreneur!

Margaret Bourne is a blog coach, content creator and experienced Public Relations and marketing professional. But more than that, she helps aspiring bloggers transform their blogs into successful online businesses. Founder of Suburban Tourist, a lifestyle blog, she enjoys sharing not only blogging tips but also inspirational lifestyle stories. My view of her is that she sets goals (we even talked about it on a video!) and achieves them, doing what she loves.

Simply put: she had to be included in my 2023 Summer Interview Series sharing how successful entrepreneurs think and what it is they actually do.

I’ve added references and notes from me throughout the post.

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Question 1 on how successful entrepreneurs think and what they do: How did you decide which business idea was best for you?

I wanted to be doing something that I loved, and I knew that I was good at – blogging! Starting a blog coaching business meant I was leveraging a wide range of skills learned in the corporate world as well as from my personal hobby.

It made sense to package all of this into a coaching business. I’ve always enjoyed working with clients, as well as creating useful content for others. Making it into a profitable business was the cherry on top.

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Question 2 on how successful entrepreneurs think and what they do: Please share your thoughts on starting a business vs. being an employee, working for others?

Being your own boss is liberating. You’re calling the shots, choosing the strategies, and making things happen. One of the greatest challenges for many in the workforce is micromanaging bosses and those who ignore any spark of creativity, ingenuity, or strategic thinking.

Starting your own business means you have the freedom to do what you feel is right for you and for your business. It can lead to many successes!

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Question 3 on how successful entrepreneurs think and what they do: Do you have one piece advice for anyone starting a business without a big budget?

Find smart ways to generate extra cash to infuse into your business. Whether it’s a part-time gig or a freelance contract job, saving up a bit of cash can make a huge difference in how fast your business gets off the ground.

With $1000 you can do so much with a business: get a domain and website running and invest in the essential tools to start creating products and services that will bring you an income. Take a good chunk of what you make and reinvest it in your business. Once it’s running smoothly, you can start to enjoy some of the profits!

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Question 4 on how successful entrepreneurs think and what they do: What was the biggest challenge, fear, or obstacle you had to overcome on your entrepreneurial journey?

There have been moments in the past three years where I’ve felt unsure of whether I really “knew my stuff”. Part of this came from comparing myself to others in the field. But the one thing that I keep reminding myself of is that even those how are well-known experts have made mistakes and don’t know everything. And who knows what their private lives are like... they may be a personal mess due to all of the hours put into building their successful business.

Learning to accept that success takes time and self-assurance has been the best thing for my business.

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Question 5 on how successful entrepreneurs think and what they do: What are some of your productivity tips and hacks for anyone starting/building a business?

Use your phone and productivity apps to your benefit. Grabbing a few minutes to brainstorm ideas or write down notes while you wait to pick your kid up from school can be extremely beneficial. It’s a few minutes that you’ve put into your business SOONER than LATER.

Batching, being organized and prioritizing what’s most important to your business’ success will get you achieving your goals faster!

Note from Daphne: Evernote is a free resource I use allowing you to add notes, links, and screenshots on the go!

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Question 6 on how successful entrepreneurs think and what they do: How has being able to live a location-independent lifestyle changed your life?

Since I’m working at home, I know that I can work anywhere! All I need is a laptop, reliable Wi-Fi and an energy source and I’m ready to get down to business.

It’s amazing that you can do what you like, where you like.

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