Free At 50 Opinion: Bloggers have 3 Options on Dealing with AI

Free At 50 Opinion: Bloggers have 3 Options on Dealing with AI

Jul 19, 2023

AI is here and as bloggers I see 3 options on how we can deal with it. Non-bloggers, keep reading too!

To many online business owners and entrepreneurs, the letters A and I are elephants in every room. Zoom, Facebook communities, and everywhere if we’re honest. Fitting into both these categories because I’m a blogger that is blogging for business, I have to address this damn elephant. Here it is: I believe as bloggers, and therefore, writers, we have 3 options when it comes to AI which stands for artificial intelligence.

  1. Give in.
  2. Ditch the blog.
  3. Ignore it.

I’m going with option 3. It may seem like I’m being “blissfully ignorant,” but my goal is to stay true to my mission- which is my story, my voice, and the stories and voices of others to give you the resources and tools you need.

That said, we bloggers doing option 3 may need to evolve our business as needed. But if you’re a non-blogger, I’ll give you a bit more flexibility later in the post!

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Disclaimer: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases I share; it does not change your price but sometimes you might get a discount.

Why option 3 is feasible for bloggers.

  • You are your voice.
  • You are your brand.
  • Your writing style is why people are drawn to you.

Am I over-simplifying? Not in my opinion.

If you haven’t read it yet, grab Sally Miller’s The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers (I own it and decided to dive deep into it again this summer!). Habit 1: Act With Purpose.

I believe that no matter what your business is, everything you expend time and energy on should have a purpose. It’s up to you to define the purpose of course!

In terms of your blog, is your purpose to write? To share? To learn as well as to educate? Be cautious of giving in to AI and be certain your blog is 100% aligned with your purpose.

Do non-bloggers have option 3?

Yes, but I think you can incorporate AI more often. If the basis of your business is not writing content and copy, but you need it to be visible online, then you should be exploring option 1, giving in to it.

I’m not saying to lose your voice, however, focus on your business and take the opportunity to research AI’s potential to ease your journey when it comes to writing copy.

I still hold the solid belief that all business owners need a blog and for that, your voice should be heard.

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Why all business owners need a blog.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. All business owners need a blog.
Why? I’ll limit myself here to 3 reasons.

1-Share your expertise.

No matter your business, you can reveal what you know and why your product, service, offer is of value.

Example: you own a heating and cooling business. Your blog can discuss: why you chose to go into a business focused on comfort, strategies to lower your monthly heating and cooling bills, equipment that works best in different types of homes.

Example: you are a marketing strategist. Blog topics: why branding is important, how to define your ideal customer/client, when is the ideal time to post on social media and so forth.

The examples above not only expose your expertise and credibility, but also uncover reasons the reader may need to work with you.

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2-Differentiate yourself.

No matter what business you are in, there might be a lot of y’all out there doing it!
What makes your business one that a client or customer will focus on?

Let’s hit our examples again.

Heating and cooling: do you specialize in large buildings, residential properties, or work with a specific manufacturer? Do you work with budgets under or over a certain size? Your blog can help define what differentiates you from your competitors.

Marketing strategy: is your background in market research, demographics, or online visibility? Do you have proven strategies and client successes to share? In a blog, you can freely share this type of information and dive deep into the analytics of your clients. For example, show month-to-month growth in online conversions and so forth. That is way more impactful than solely having a client testimonial because now you are showing results.

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3-Connect with clients and potential clients.

This is simply what it is: use your voice, draw people in who like it.

You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you will be the right mug of coffee for someone, likely many.

Let them hear you speak and truly connect with you for who you are.

So in this context, you need a little dose of option 3 in your head. You need to be authentic and attract people that want what you offer. As an entrepreneur, especially a solopreneur, that is YOU.

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Is Terminator becoming our reality?

As a GenX gal, Terminator was the first thought I’d have when AI was mentioned.

As a blogger, I still have that little bit of terror in the back of my mind when discussing AI, but I’ve heard it so much that little bit of terror is almost microscopic.

I’m ditching the fear, accepting that it’s out there, and ignoring the impact on me as a writer and creative.

And that’s ok.

What are your thoughts on AI? Drop them in the comments!

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