Building Your Life Outside of Corporate: 6 Steps to Finding Your Passion. 

Building Your Life Outside of Corporate: 6 Steps to Finding Your Passion. 

Feb 28, 2021

Use Rebekah's tips on finding your passion.

Rebekah Gamble figured out during the pandemic (and early in life!) a way to re-ignite her passions to use them to her advantage with the goal of building a life outside corporate.

Her blog to support others in getting organized financially (which by the way, is vital to those seeking to get out of corporate life and into professional freedom!) is the result of her big expedition into creating a new opportunity for herself in 2020. Use her story below for ideas, and her website for practical information on financial freedom and grab my 6-Step Checklist to get you started on your escape!

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Finding your passion in life is how you take charge and begin to live a more fulfilled life. The boldest thing I did while in college was joining a group of 17 volunteers to travel to Puerto Rico to assist those who were less fortunate.

During our first meeting we were supposed to say one interesting fact about ourselves and after only living, breathing and thinking about my bachelor degree for years my mind was blank.

The people around me spoke tales of traveling, experiences, and hobbies that made them a ton of cash. And finally, it was my turn.

If I had to eat oreos every day I would take the cream out. The confusion that filled the room was thick enough to paint the walls. Afterward all I could do was cringe. Like many other adults who dedicate 95% of themselves to their responsibilities I lost sight of who I was.

But to decrease the likelihood of that ever happening again I decided to get inspired.

In the wake of COVID-19 and our new reality it was essential to find something that kept me going and lit a fire underneath me. And in that quest to find myself that is how Blissful Waller a blog geared toward budgeting and promoting self care, was born. It's now been updated to Notes By Rebekah (April 2023 note).

Who would have guessed that my interest for writing would become my passion?

It’s never too late to find your passion. Whether you are the aunt or uncle that everyone says spends too much time working or a parent with adult children, you can begin developing your passion today.

1 Make a list.

Don’t look for your passion.

Ironically, the best way to miss out on an opportunity is to go out into the world bright eyed and determined to find the thing you love to do.

This sets us up to miss out on key experiences because we have expectations of what the thing we are supposed to love to do looks like.

Call me old school but I love using a pen and piece of paper to get my thoughts out. Grab your paper (or phone) and jot down

  • Hobbies (reading, writing, watching tv, creating, talking to friends)
  • What do you do on your day off? (Activities you look forward too)
  • What would you do if money weren’t an option?

This list of activities we do naturally is a list of things we can begin to do more.

We can incorporate them into our daily lives, cultivate more joy in the process, and find out what keeps us going.

Your love of watching everything on TV could be a love for multimedia.

Your obsession with cleaning could be a passion for organizing and eliminating chaos.

2 Let go of expectations.

Your passion is not supposed to look a certain way.

It may sound cheesy to admit at first but just think how many times someone said I love technology or marketing and went on to create a new business.

3 Entertain silly ideas.

It’s something about getting older that makes us think that we can longer let our hair down and be free until after something else happens.

After the kids are grown, after we get a new job, after we make save money, after we retire.

But we are still humans who have our own needs, desires and interests that do not suddenly vanish because we are someone's parent, significant other, or employee.

4 Remember your younger self.

Up until age 11 I wanted to be a fashion designer.

To be a designer you have to create and more than a decade later I use that same creativity to write my blog post.

Think back and channel your inner child. What did you want to be when you grew up? What kept your attention for hours at time?

Your passion could be hidden in your interest to build items, the laser eye focus that is applied to hammering in screws that your younger self once mimicked with legos.

If it was a career path in nursing a deeper look could bring a connection to helping others.

5 Be open to new things.

This isn’t to say go sign up for things you don’t like or have never been interested in to see if you have a newfound love..

This strategy for finding your passion, is what you’ll use to reflect on past habits, current hobbies and what you do in your free time.

We are creatures of habit and finding time to look after animals, travel more, and connect with others over topics you enjoy, means finding time.

And although this may feel strange at first you can practice it and in the end develop your passion.

You’ll also be finding yourself in the process and that is the most rewarding experience that life can grant you.

6 Research possibilities.

Would you be more likely to do what you love and enjoy if you could get paid for it?

With websites like FIVERR allowing freelancers to be their own bosses you really could get paid to design Pinterest post, draw pictures, post on social media, and even give advice.

Small business platforms like ETSY are built for handmade products.

In conclusion.

Your passion is unique, worth exploring and never something you are too late for.

But to find it you have to be willing to do the work that is a part of understanding what makes you tick. Usually all of our passions are hiding in plain sight.

You’ve spent a lifetime thinking of other people and their needs and now it’s time to consider what it is that makes YOU happy.

The world is a better place when we all do things that make us joyful and radiant, life is too short to consider anything else.

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