Spring Clean Your Health: 6 Benefits and a 4-Step Recipe to Prioritize Nutrition and Fuel Your 9-5 Escape

Spring Clean Your Health: 6 Benefits and a 4-Step Recipe to Prioritize Nutrition and Fuel Your 9-5 Escape

Mar 13, 2024

Meet Jane and Steph: the Nourishing Gurus

In 2021, my bloodwork came back so high, I was scared straight so to speak. Yes, I became Free At 50, but healthy at 51. Let's just say I was enjoying life a little too much! And if you're working on 9-5 escape, I can't gloss over the importance of health as part of the journey.

What better time than spring to post an article about cleaning up your health. It's about packing away the bad habits and setting yourself up for success. Last year I shared tips for spring cleaning your business and this year, I'm taking the concept further. Enter the Nourishing Gurus: Jane and Stephanie. I met Steph through my membership in a marketing and networking program I love and we clicked.

Check out their guest post below, sharing the benefits of cleaning up your lifestyle when it comes to health and their 4-step recipe to make it happen.

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How prioritizing your nutrition can help propel your 9-5 escape route

Now that you are planning your escape from your 9-5, you are most likely busier than ever. And we know from experience that when people get busy one of the first things to go is nutrition. Food companies these days have made it so easy to just grab and go, and it’s often tempting to follow this route. However, at what cost?

Interestingly enough, taking a little time to prioritize your nutrition and healthy lifestyle can actually enhance your chances of success. Why is that?

For starters, it’s Important to recognize how habits now will affect you down the road. Our bodies were able to bounce back quicker from unhealthy eating habits when we were younger. But now nutrition needs to take more of a leading role to help us stay healthy as we jump into these new decades.

Here’s some food for thought: How much time and energy will you be able to put into your new business if you are in pain, exhausted, or going from doctor to doctor?

Keep in mind most people don't realize how good they CAN feel. We tend to get used to how we feel living on processed foods or coffee and donuts, or even skipping meals as the norm.

Our clients are often surprised at how amazing they actually feel as their eating habits improve, as they experience benefits beyond what they expected.

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Today we are highlighting 6 of these benefits that may surprise you:

BENEFIT #1: Increased Energy Levels:

When your cells are properly nourished, they work more efficiently and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day without crashing or needing excess coffee or sweets.

Consistent energy levels can also allow you to dedicate focused time and effort to any side projects you choose to pursue after regular working hours.

Additionally, if you are more energized, you are more likely to be motivated to exercise which also helps with benefits 2-6!

BENEFIT #2: Enhanced Mental Clarity:

A well-nourished brain is more capable of handling challenges, making strategic decisions, and planning for the future, which are essential for transitioning out of a 9-5 job. In addition, having balanced blood sugar that comes from a well nourished diet, is key for mental clarity and focus.

BENEFIT #3: Improved Mood and Stress Management:

Making the change from employee to business owner can be very rewarding but also stressful, whether it's dealing with setbacks, handling uncertainty, or embracing new opportunities.

Good nutrition has been proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, helping you to be more physically and emotionally resilient to any of these obstacles or challenges that come along.

Once again, balanced blood sugar also plays a huge role in mood and stress management, especially once we hit midlife. And we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the importance of sleep. When you are managing cortisol and balancing blood sugar, good quality sleep comes more naturally. Quality sleep is essential for health, mood, energy, and clarity.

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BENEFIT #4: Better Physical Health:

A well nourished body supports overall physical health, reducing the risk of acute illnesses, sick days, and trips to the doctor, so you don’t fall behind on your goals. Instead of wasting time off in bed or at the doctor, you can actually use that time to rejuvenate with a short vacation or day off just for pleasure!

In addition, the link between nutrition and prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure is clear and needs to be prioritized, especially after 50.

BENEFIT #5: Boosted Productivity and Efficiency:

When you feel good physically and mentally, you're likely to accomplish tasks more efficiently, helping you make progress toward your escape plan.

Plus, nutrient-dense foods support optimal bodily functions, including brain function as mentioned in benefit 2, leading to increased productivity.

BENEFIT #6: Building Confidence and Self Esteem:

Prioritizing nutrition often involves adopting healthy eating habits, which can spill over into other aspects of your life.

Not only is it empowering to gain control over this aspect of your life, but nutrition’s impact on improving stress resilience, focus, mental clarity, mood, productivity, energy, and physical health will contribute to improving confidence and self esteem.

Having these traits in your corner will help you tackle a career transition with more ease and self assurance.

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Our recipe for success.

First things first, know that it is NEVER too late to change, no matter where you are starting from.

STEP #1: Avoid black and white thinking.

The biggest mistake people make when changing eating habits is that they try to be perfect. Simply aim to eat healthier most of the time, leaving some wiggle room for the occasional indulgence like a glass of wine or dessert, or take out meal.

STEP 2: Learn the basics of how to balance your blood sugar.

When your blood sugar stays steady throughout the day, you avoid the highs and lows and this keeps energy and mental clarity more stable.

This involves having your meals consist of the following combination:
● Clean proteins such as wild fish, pastured chicken or turkey, grass fed meat, beans/legumes, organic dairy, organic tofu or tempeh
● Healthy fats such as avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds and fatty fish like salmon or trout (especially great for the brain and heart)
● Wholesome carbs such as colorful fruits and vegetables, purple or sweet potatoes, and small amounts of whole grains like wild rice or quinoa

STEP 3: Do what you can to eat more mindfully, rather than rushing through meals.

This helps to improve digestion and control overeating.

We know it is easier said than done, but it is something we work on with pretty much all of our clients.

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STEP 4: Don’t let lack of time get in the way.

Look for healthy shortcuts, such as frozen fruits and veggies, clean protein powders for simple smoothies, or look for healthier versions of convenience foods (we have a great YouTube video on this).

To sum it up, here’s our advice: Take your nutrition off the back burner and treat it as an important part of your business - just as you would your budget, goals and finances. The combination of a healthy body and a healthy business is a symbiotic relationship that will help you nurture both personal and professional growth. (or will give you an ROI many times over?)

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