The Free At 50 Recommendation for Every Entrepreneur to Recharge: Plan a Workcation

The Free At 50 Recommendation for Every Entrepreneur to Recharge: Plan a Workcation

Dec 06, 2023

Recharge with a workcation: it inspired me to write this post.

December, and the upcoming chaos/fear/excitement of a new year is upon us all. But for those of us in the entrepreneurial life... those vibes of chaos, fear, and excitement are absolutely happening. Opportunities and hope for what is possible mixed in with a little bit of concern of goals unmet. Right?

Don't freak out. The Free At 50 blog has your back. December will be focused on posts to help you recharge, review, and relax... in any order.

The bonus: the blog posts don't disappear into the past with 2023; they'll be here well beyond! And first up as I'm on a workcation writing this post: my recommendation for recharging is for you to plan a workcation.

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view from hotel while taking a workcation

Photo credit: Daphne Reznik

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Workcation defined.

I'm pretty sure I heard about the workcation concept at some point during the pandemic. But MY a-ha moment happened while I was reading Sally Miller's book: The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers. (grab it by clicking here)

On page 39 of the book, Monica Froese recommended booking a hotel room to take time and "gain traction for your business." I 100% agree!

Workcations are generally defined as a "working vacation" but I'm honing that definition (because I can!) because my way has worked for me and it's do-able for anyone out there reading this blog!

It doesn't have to be a week away... you don't have to spend a bunch of money or go far... you can just book a hotel or pitch a tent... locally. Clearly, you can schedule it to be a week-long or you can do what I and Ms. Froese do: one overnight stay.

The BBC says workcations aren't going anywhere. Read more here.

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Sally Miller book The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers recommended by Daphne Reznik

Photo credit: Daphne Reznik

Why I plan a workcation as part of my entrepreneurial life.

Recharging with nature has always worked for me. Getting outside, walking, fresh air, water, blue sky... all of it. And I do that almost daily.

But sometimes, I need to go all-in with a new "view" not just take a break.

Back in my 9-5 life, retreats were a thing. So it hit me when I read Monica's "habit" in Miller's book: why not have a solo retreat as a solopreneur? It makes so much sense.

So specifically, here is why I plan a workcation:

  • inspire creativity and new ideas
  • dive into one (or more) projects
  • brain dump and organize the tasks around everything I dump out
  • get a fresh perspective
  • focus on my blog and my business with no interruptions

Recharge, review, and relax.

When do I plan a workcation? When I feel the need for one. Often, that's when overwhelm kicks in or I'm feeling a little "blocked" when it comes to writing.

So keep December and beyond stress-free, plan your workcation. Tips for planning one are next up!

Blog post structure and outline templates from This Splendid Shambles

Photo credit: Daphne Reznik utilizing blog structure outline from Anjali Kay of This Splendid Shambles.

Tips for planning a successful workcation.

Where you go matters.

Don't discount the value of the "right" environment. Do what works for you.

  • If recharging in nature is your thing, rent a cabin in the woods or on a beach.
  • If you need a little pampering, hit a nice hotel.
  • If the sounds of the city energize you, book a room right downtown.

Fully immerse yourself in your workcation environment.

  • Don't run home for meals... eat out, get takeaway, or order delivery!
  • Don't wait til you get home to shower, do it at your hotel!
  • Wander around the place you're staying at. Is there a trail? Do you have a balcony? How about a pool?

It doesn't have to cost so much you need to budget for it!

Here's the beauty of of planning a workcation... it doesn't have to be peak times for hotels! You can get amazing deals on weeknights or during the off-season. Trust me, I did that tonight (a Monday following Thanksgiving weekend).

Plan to relax.

Don't put pressure on yourself to get "a ton of stuff" accomplished. Go with the flow. Have a general idea of what you can and will work on but include time to relax.

Take in the view, enjoy a good meal... do whatever it takes to fully recharge. You probably know this: with the relaxed mind comes clarity. And productivity.

Free at 50 workcation view of holiday decorations at the Marriott Manor Club Ford's Colony Williamsburg Virginia

Photo credit: Daphne Reznik

Closing it out!

I'm hoping this post inspired you to plan your workcation. Book that hotel, pack up your stuff, and recharge, review, and relax. You got this.

Do you have any productivity hacks you found that you want to share? Drop them in the comments and check out my A-Z post on productivity here.

And if you want to talk about how to make a workcation work for you, use my booking page for a free call to chat. Type WORKCATION in the booking notes!

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