Escaping the 9-5: Important Life-Changing Moments

Escaping the 9-5: Important Life-Changing Moments

Apr 02, 2021

Take a moment, a message from Pastor Natalie about life-changing moments when escaping the 9-5.

From her own words in a message to FreeAt50 readers: "Over time, I have come to realize that we must take pauses or we are just experiencing life passing us by quickly! Everyday there are several moments we can perhaps all talk about and be an encouragement to someone else with."

Reflecting is a major part of moving forward but so is recognizing moments. Religion plays into Pastor Natalie's approach to life; her message can be incorporated into your future, no matter your specific beliefs. Her thoughts are fundamental to any approach: stop and take note, move forward. Here is her entry to the Free At 50 blog, focused on life-changing moments impacting the 9-5 escape, which I'm thrilled to share!

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There comes a time in life when you just must take a leap of faith. Not to be foolish about it, but it is a real life moment when you choose to change everything you have been doing. Working 9-5 hours can become tedious, mundane, and even redundant for some. So what should you do if you begin to feel this way, you should begin to consider how can I move past this moment and into something new and perhaps what I was truly made to do.

First and most importantly, do not be impulsive. Do not make any hasty decisions that you may regret. You need to pause and take some time in prayer. Getting peace in every decision whether major or minor in life is of greatest value. I believe God can give you peace, as you ask for His guidance in moving forward and making changes in life. I have experienced some incredible moments every time I have done so. I also have seen the difference when I did not. I felt no peace, wondered if this was the right decision and knew if I had changed the way I did it may have given me a better result.

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Get guidance from others.

Next, I greatly encourage counsel/guidance from others. I’m not talking about “Yes” people who just tell you what you want to hear. I’m talking about those who will tell you what you need to hear. Those that will challenge you in your decisions and inquire your purpose, plans and reasons.

This can include someone you already admire who has made steps in moving from the hustle and bustle of the “9-5” rat race. This can also include others who have felt the same and are already making steps in walking this out.

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You don’t want an emotional response but a reality check in this kind of decision. You cannot explain escape that leads you back into the same pattern. There are many who make this kind of decision without any plans after leaving. It’s this kind of reaction than can lead you right back into the very thing you hoped to leave. That feeling of freedom will quickly disappear.

A plan without a vision will leave you with partial sight. It can become a never-ending cycle that you can feel like you cannot break.

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Make the change you need to make to leave the 9-5 cycle.

Of course, I understand there are some places you may have to leave before you move forward into what you truly want to do. You may have to slowly break away from the routine and make changes overtime. Like anything new, it is a process. But it must be a made up mindset that I am all in when it comes to leaving this “9-5” cycle.

Something very vital in this decision, is to decide what is that I will begin to do that will change how I have working. Perhaps, you have always wanted to become an artist, a writer, a producer, own a farm and sell fresh fruits and veggies just to name of few examples (it is endless to the changes one can do outside of the “9-5” hustle).

Deciding is good but then implementing is most important. Remember, you must be “ALL” in when making life changes such as this. You can adjust accordingly. You may have to go back to school, perhaps you need some special training, and maybe you need a mentor. You must keep in mind this will become your career and not a hobby or side hustle.

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Leaving the 9-5 begins with mindset.

Leaving “9-5,” begins with a mindset that one has admitted the need to change. It’s not just an escape or dream. It’s important not to do anything with an emotional response. It’s possible and can become a reality when you have begun to, ‘launch out into the deep.” Taking a leap of faith can be scary but it is so rewarding as you take one step at a time.

My question is, “Are you there?” Are you ready to go beyond and change what you have been doing? Coming outside the comfort zone even when you feel the necessity can definitely feel like it is easier said than done. It is not about comparing yourself to someone else as you do this, but rather remembering this is your life story being written and there is no reason to live with regrets of some things you never did.

Remember to pray, get counsel/guidance and stay in peace as you step out to do so. I believe God does not want us to live in a hopeless feeling of change but rather the ability to make adjustments and come out from any place.

It starts and ends with you.

I would love to hear where you are. Have you been feeling the need to change but haven’t done anything yet about it? You see time passing by and you keep wondering if you should; is this the time to step out and make a change in my career. Remember, it starts and ends with you. You hold the keys in making this major life choice. You don’t have to do it alone, pray, have a mentor and stick to it.

It may not be easy all the way through, but with every step forward you will experience a sense of accomplishment. I believe if it is meant, you can do it at your pace and accomplishing it successfully. You will be so glad you did.

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