Feeling Anxious? Here are 10 Free At 50 Posts You Can Use Today to Boost Productivity and Get Focused as an Entrepreneur.

Feeling Anxious? Here are 10 Free At 50 Posts You Can Use Today to Boost Productivity and Get Focused as an Entrepreneur.

Mar 27, 2024

Easing the overwhelm of being an entrepreneur: I want to inspire you with this post.

Before you think this post is all about me, it isn’t.

It’s about sharing what I’ve learned and seems to be working for me with the goal of giving you options on easing any overwhelm you might be feeling. If you ever feel overwhelmed or even, wait for it…. ANXIOUS… as you plan your 9-5 escape or build the business you’ve launched: this post is for you.

I did a cool thing in December: I got ahead.

How did I get ahead? I took a workcation.

You may have read the blog post I wrote about how to plan one. Here’s the deal: I got way ahead! And it was AWESOME. I also was able to organize ideas and plans into action items and tasks.

This meant I was able to truly recharge over the holiday season and jump into January (all of Q1 really) ready to go!

And I haven’t stopped. Not really. If I’m honest, I do have control of my schedule but here’s my challenge: I’m a big-picture and strategy type gal.

And also: I’m an overanalyzer who likes to make sure A is done before B so I can easily move on to C and D. Code for “I have a bit of the perfectionist bug.” Yes, that is what it sounds like: I get anxious. I’ve always had to work on this and be deliberate. Why? Because imperfect actions are vital and I know it.

So today, I decided to take my own advice from a previous blog post. The advice: step back focus on doing one thing at a time.

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And thus, this post rounding up helpful Free At 50 content for easing overwhelm we entrepreneurs experience.

I was inspired to write it because I started thinking about all the posts I’ve written based on what I’ve learned, as well as guest posts that are pure gold.

Are you in the same boat as Q1 comes to a close? As you read this blog post any time of year?

Doing one thing at a time is a practice I had to learn. No doubt, it’s the antithesis of the corporate mindset I’d been conditioned to: multi-tasking. As entrepreneurs, we truly have the luxury of setting the pace and prioritizing our tasks. So why not do both of these things?

Necessary disclaimer: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases I share; it does not change your price but sometimes you might get a discount.

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Roundup of reset and recharge posts: the list of posts to boost your productivity- any time you need to.

Why you need this list as you work on permanent 9-5 escape.

Whatever is causing you overwhelm or anxiety, whatever is making you “freeze up," there’s an article on the list below that can help you take action right now.

If you don’t see one that’s a fit, hit me up! You can message me using:




10 Free At 50 blog posts to help you boost your productivity.

Posts detailing specific action items.

1) Doing one thing at a time.

The ultimate game-changing mindset shift for anyone conditioned over their career to multi-task (like I was!). Deciding to allow ourselves to do one thing at a time is that game-changer.

Read the post here.

2) Brain dumping.

In short: getting ideas, concerns, and “tasks” written out to organize them. Dumping what’s in your brain onto paper (or onto your computer screen- whatever works for you!). My post gives you a to-do list for the perfect brain dump.

Read the post here.

3) Planning a perfect workcation.

One thing about this working from home entrepreneurial thing: we can get distracted when we feel a little overwhelmed or even “stuck.” Sometimes a change of scene to go all-in is the supreme recharge we need. If corporate types can do “offsite retreats” why shouldn’t we as entrepreneurs? I’ve laid out how to plan the perfect workcation.

Read the post here.

4) Getting healthy.

As part of my “spring cleaning” theme this year, I invited Stephanie and Jane of the Nourishing Gurus to share their recipe for getting healthy. Not only do they share the how, but they share the why. Why cleaning up your health can benefit you as an entrepreneur building a business or as an aspiring 9-5 escapee.

Read the post here.

5) Update your business to-do list.

In October, I wrote an end-of-year post that is just as relevant in Q1, 2, or 3 as it was in Q4. It's short, concise, and nails action items you can implement immediately. Cleaning up (or creating!) a business to-do list will give you focus. Give it a go!

Read the post here.

6) Productivity hacks from A-Z.

Productivity is personal. What works for one person may not work for another. So I decided awhile back to put together a list of ideas/tips/hacks and secrets I’ve done myself and learned others do. The goal: find what works for you and build that practice into your routine.

Read the post here.

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Posts that address mindset.

7) Taking imperfect action.

I’m sure the phrase “perfection is the enemy of good” isn’t new to you. My friend Skye breaks it down in a guest post. Her focus: how every action, even tiny ones, can lead to your next action and the next. This article is all about the benefits of taking action.

Read the post here.

8) Eliminating all or nothing thinking.

Business coach Maggie Perotin is no stranger to corporate escape. She gets the mindset shift that needs to happen when you transition from employee to entrepreneur.

When you go from having a team, a corporate strategy, and even a boss to owning all the decisions and goals, chaos can be the result. Her podcast inspired me to write a blog post about gaining clarity by ditching all or nothing thinking. (hey perfectionists, this one’s also for you!)

Read the post here.

9) Understanding the neuroscience behind productivity.

On my blogging journey, I met Carissa Weber, a licensed professional counselor whose mental health blog dives deep into the brain. In fact the name of the blog is That Darn Amygdala! She wrote a guest post that breaks down productivity from the standpoint of using your brain to your advantage. Fascinating stuff!

Read the post here.

10) If all else fails, get motivated with these 4 quotes.

One of the most popular Free At 50 blog posts according to readers and to Google? A post I LOVED putting together. It’s based on some of my favorite quotes. And if you follow me on Instagram you KNOW I love inspirational words. Go ahead… be inspired.

Read the post here.

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