Meet Best-Selling Fantasy Romance Author Shea Hulse: Putting Freedom and Family First

Meet Best-Selling Fantasy Romance Author Shea Hulse: Putting Freedom and Family First

Jul 03, 2024

Shea Hulse and I found our connection immediately.

We were both corporate escapees pushed out of our comfort zone into LIFE.

We didn't ditch the toxic corporate environments of 9-5 life: they ditched us! Like me, Shea was laid off and it was a blessing. And like me, she just wanted to write. Her path was a bit different than the one I've chosen and I'm thrilled to share her story with this interview on her journey through the 6 steps on my checklist for 9-5 escape.

It's not coincidence I'm posting Shea's interview as we celebrate Independence Day in the United States. Her story is 100% about freedom (as many of our stories are) and she keeps repeating it. I had to choose this for today!

Shea's bio:

Shea is an author and wife and mom of two. Her books consist of inspirational steamy fantasy romances full of magic, mystery, and sarcasm. When she is not working she enjoys traveling with her family.

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Free At 50 interview with best-selling fantasy romance author Shea Hulse

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6 steps, 6 questions.

Shea has built her dream life, there's no doubt. She was intent on making writing her career and doing it around time freedom.

Step 1: Finding Your Why. What is your why? Not money... but why you want to earn income by doing what you do the way you do it...outside the 9-5?

My "why" was always about freedom and family. The freedom to choose my family first instead of a job. The ability to give myself a raise instead of waiting on a boss to decide to, if they ever did. And the ability to work with my family's needs instead of chained to a 9-5 and the job's needs.

Step 2: Shift Your Mindset. What mindset shift is/was necessary for you going from 9-5 life to becoming an entrepreneur?

Deciding that I was worthy of the life I wanted for myself. That I could have it if I worked hard enough at it. And that most people think the traditional route is best but most of the most famous people who made a difference did it by breaking tradition.

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Fantasy romance author Shea Hulse broke the tradition of 9-5 work to gain freedom and focus on family

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Step 3: Narrow Your Options. How did you narrow all your options to land on the business you've chosen?

I tried a lot of different things!

I started with what was first presented and followed the thread. Some things led to others, and some were dead ends. But I followed my heart each time.

Step 4: Research The Best Fit. Once you narrowed your options down, what type of research led you to your current approach to business (even your branding and/or your ideal client?

I paid attention to what I liked and what worked for others doing what I wanted. Being in front of the camera on social media wasn't my favorite, so I found out what successful people who were off-camera were doing.

Writing always came naturally to me, but the few clients I wrote for fell short of what I was dreaming about. Finally, writing my books was the most comfortable and happiest thing for me, and I stuck with it.

It's the truest freedom for me.

The truest freedom for Shea Hulse was becoming a fantasy romance author full-time

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Step 5: Build Your Toolkit. How did you determine what tools you'll need and where did you start?

I had a website from blogging and I modified it to become an author website. I researched what authors needed for branding and marketing and slowly built my brand.

The tools I needed most were editing software, design tools, website services, and a few other things. But I got there from trial and error! Lots of canceled memberships to different things.

Step 6: Take Action. What one piece of advice would you give to anyone working on creating life outside the 9-5 that will help them take action?

What are you waiting for?

The life you want is not going to magically find you. If you're content with life as it is then that's great! But if you're not, are you happy to live a mediocre life never pursuing that thing that lights you up?

Go for it! Dream big!

If I never created the foundation, when the opportunities came knocking I would have wasted them. And my life as a result. Don't be perfect, be proactive.

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