The Value of Collaboration: Spreading the Word to Help Others Attain Professional Freedom

The Value of Collaboration: Spreading the Word to Help Others Attain Professional Freedom

Apr 13, 2021

Success outside the 9-5 takes a village, especially if you are building a business online.

In corporate life, we have an IT team, legal counsel, marketing specialists, administrative assistants…shall I continue? I’ve said this before and will reiterate it as one of my biggest reality checks building a business online, and alone: I need help. My post about my layoff being a blessing goes into a lot of detail!

From coaches to mentors to peers who are at least one step ahead of me in the journey, my success so far and planned for the future would not be possible without them. It’s not just about support either, it is about collaboration. The value of collaboration cannot be underestimated.

There is so much value in collaboration when your goal is to help others attain the professional freedom you have found. Building a business online is 100 percent reliant on it.

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Find your people.

One of my biggest resources for all this support? Facebook. The one thing I thought was purely social and “personal” is actually, in my FreeAt50 chapter, a professional necessity. It's where collaboration is built.

It took some determination and time to find the right people: jumping into Facebook groups that I love like the Blog it Better Society, engaging, dropping out of some that are not a fit, and of course, setting up Zooms with people from all over the globe like Elise, who wrote this amazing guest post. I accomplished it.

There are many examples of how finding people and collaborating are helping me to build this blog (updating this post in October 2022!), launch my Facebook group, and ultimately, meet my goal: help others escape the 9-5.

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Guest authoring on other blogs is one example of the value of collaboration. It also helps you reach people who may not know about what you can offer them (especially if your blog is young and you are working on building SEO).

Be seen or what you say isn’t heard.

Collaborating is a way to reach that audience. For example, my guest post at the time this article was originally published was this one onIva Ursanos’ Women Blazing Trails blog.

My message is strong on Iva's blog and the reality is that if you are not seen, and do not work with others to get your message out, it won’t be heard. I’m grateful to have met Iva in a Facebook group for online entrepreneurs and bloggers so we can share each other’s information with our readers.

So many people have given me this opportunity and you’ve seen both guest authors and roundups featuring some truly amazing resources on FreeAt50. And you will going forward! And of course I will continue guest authoring for others so you can find them!

My call to action for you.

Use my Facebook group to meet people you can collaborate with.

Join here.

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