It’s not just the blog! Keep up with my other writing projects through the links below.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Greater Than a Tourist

My first book! Not about the money (LOL!) but about “getting out there” and practicing to get to perfect. I was excited to have the opportunity to work with the publisher of this series and share my hometown with the world!

Food Reviews on FoodDrinkMagazine

From Williamsburg, Virginia to Palm Desert, California, I’ve got reviews for some amazing restaurant experiences!

If you are interested in advertising with this magazine, please email me: freeat50info@gmail.com

Blue Owl Coffee- REO Town Lansing MI

Eat Like a Local- Lansing

My 2nd e-book belonging to the “Eat Like a Local” series on Amazon! You can download for free with Kindle Unlimited. You can also download an e-book or get a hardcopy for purchase!

coffee writing desk

Guest Blogs

Check out these fabulous pages where I’ve been honored to be featured through guest blogging:

Saving Talents where I put together some steps to attaining professional freedom.

Learning Hacks where I was able to share with Millennials and GenZ some ideas for becoming free by 50.

Fashion by Kukanaana where I shared 4 Steps to reach professional freedom.

Zyrakuma where I first discussed on a guest post, how to gain professional freedom.

Kennedy’s Kharisma where I shared about owning your time.

Meraki Musings – where I share my pivot to blogging as their first guest post of 2021!

Writing from Nowhere– sharing the mindset of escaping 9-5.

SalyBearStudio – my tips on working from home.

Blissphere – action items to escape the 9-5.

Book Review

See my latest about the Kendra Donovan series (I love historical fiction – especially crime-based!). Found on A Bookworm’s Book Reviews.

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  1. Daphne you are my spirit animal! LOL. I just found your blog and fell in love. Love that you’re able to branch out into other types of writing, too! Best of luck.

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