Short Update on the FreeAt50 Move to Groove

If you’re wondering what’s taking so long, 2 things:

  1. I’m enjoying my FreeAt50 life! The move to Williamsburg has been fantastic. Obviously I’ve been putting out posts (and also typing them into Groove as I publish on WordPress). But I’ve been enjoying my “free time.” Even being healthier overall. My step count has gone from under 1000 average (boo to Michigan winter and living downtown) to 5000 average. Life exploring my new hometown is outstanding!
  2. The tech is my Achilles heel. It’s tedious to get all 40+ posts moved over and all the photos added, but I am getting it done! And there are so many other parts to the tech that I (without an IT team to call on) am learning.
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What this means:

The reality is there is so much more to do including:

-Legal pages (I am experiencing subdomain link issues- user error)

Groove training videos (outstanding by the way!)

-Setting up my social icons

…and one thing I learned and am excited about: how to embed ads! (affiliate income is my goal so this is a big deal).

and more, including taking the plunge and re-pointing my domain, with the goal of limited (none actually!) experience of the blog “going dark” as it transfers hosting over. I am working with my Groove mentor Gayanna to ensure I don’t stall myself and allow imperfect action.

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In short:

The process is happening, but for a different amount of time each day. My FreeAt50 life is about long-term (monthly, quarterly) goals and going with the flow. This could mean a 12 hour day in front of my laptop or an hour or 2 promoting and engaging on social media.

I love Groove and highly recommend it! I only recommend things I believe in. There is something on Groove for everyone. Reminder it is still free for the basic level right now and a steal at $1397 for lifetime platinum. ONE TIME PAYMENT. And the affiliate program: 40% for platinum, 20% if you go the free route.

Click here to get more info and to sign up for free (at the least) to check out everything from their FB page and mentorship program, website/landing page and blog templates, shopping program (yes you can sell products and collect money on Groove) and more.

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As far as the blog: subscribe by email from the homepage to ensure it lands in your inbox!

Want to chat? Use my calendar link for a virtual coffee if I can do anything to support your escape from the 9-5 and get out of corporate life.

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