Why Discovery Calls are Important in Hiring a Coach

What is a coach?

There are many types of coaches and many definitions.

For purposes of the FreeAt50 discussion: it’s about professional freedom. Getting in the right mindset, creating a plan, and executing that plan. Launching a business most likely.

Coaches can cover all aspects of attaining professional freedom and a life out of the 9-5 or specific pieces of the puzzle.

what is a discovery call puzzle pieces and the solution
Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay
  • Shifting mindset. We are all raised with certain notions (I.E. the tradition of working 9-5 is necessary to make the money you need to live) or feel the pressure of what is expected (I.E. you went to college, so you better end up with a title and the goal of the C-suite.) Shifting your mindset is a key tactic in gaining your freedom and manifesting (yes, I used the word!) true happiness.
  • Mapping goals. Knowing you want less stress, more freedom, owning your time, etc. etc. doesn’t mean we know how to get there. It’s easy to say, “if I didn’t have this job that sucks 40-60 hours a week from my life and family, I’d be happy.” But how do you get out of that job? My coach is not only an inspiration, but SHE DID IT. And now she is customizing my path out.
  • Analyzing skills. The 4-Hour Workweek not only shifted my mindset by confirming my belief that it’s perfectly normal to NOT work 9-5, but it gave me the idea to sit down and write down my skills. Not what my resume says (necessarily) but all of them. Working with someone to draw these out and organize them on paper, let alone share ways in which you can use them for income: priceless.
  • Managing time. I hate the term “time management” and want to toss it out the window. The real term should be “owning your time” – the focus being on your priorities having priority in your life and on your calendar. Every one of us has a different style and personality. For me, I need quarterly and monthly goals, not weekly or daily. I work best when going with the flow and working from inspiration. In fact, this post is being written (quickly actually!) as a result of working on an in-depth roundup of coaches. I decided I needed to write specifically about the discovery call and highlight the value! After all, people are one of the best resources (and I talk about that in my Covid layoff post) and the discovery call is key to the coach being one of your people.
  • Setting deadlines. As mentioned above, I work best with deadlines that allow me the flexibility to produce quality work. Some of you may need weekly task lists or checklists. Whatever the case, we all need accountability at some level, right?
  • Launching a business. Ok- you know you want to sell your amazing home-made soap on Etsy and eventually turn that into your own website or you are an attorney that wants to blog about legal necessities when starting a business. GREAT. But do you know how you will collect money, set up the technology you need (I didn’t so I got Groove and a mentor to go with it). Launching the business is whole thing unto itself. And can go so much faster and more efficiently when you know the exact steps to take.

If you are contemplating an escape from corporate life, have already done it or are in the process (have a side hustle you want to build into your main source of income), I recommend getting acquainted with some coaches and getting one into your life.

What is a discovery call?

This article is an excellent summation of how a coach needs to offer them and sheds light on it for those of us on the “investing” side of it.

Most (I am guessing ALL) coaches offer discovery calls. Typically about 30 minutes to get to know each other, find out your goals and their talents and style. No pressure (at least it should not be!) and no charge.

Now that you have an idea, or maybe more detail than before, on what a coach can do, how many types of coaches are out there and why you might need one, the discovery call is your next step.

Moving forward and making it happen.

I’ll continue sharing coaches I meet that I know can be an asset to your journey. Some specialize working with men or women, some with both. Some specialize in shifting your mindset and removing obstacles that hold you back, others specialize in assessing your skills and, some in getting your technology and paperwork in order to move forward.

Step 1: Be honest with yourself and open to learning from someone that has been on the journey and can get you on track.

Step 2: Research who is out there.

Step 3: Book a discovery call.

Conclusion: Investing is necessary.

Not just in my opinion but in the opinion of many.

Break it down a little and work from the mindset many of us come from: you need to invest in getting certified to be an electrician, a 4-year, Master’s or even Doctorate degree to “get a job,” so why would you not invest in building your empire? Or at the very least in a way to earn income to design the comfortable and stress-free life outside corporate?

My call to action: check out this video with Nora Luke of Corporate to Calling and follow my Facebook page it’s posted on. Also: subscribe to this blog as you continue towards professional freedom, as you define it, to be free by, at or soon after 50!

8 thoughts on “Why Discovery Calls are Important in Hiring a Coach

  1. Super awesome article! Investment is truly important in any endeavor worth embarking on. I didn’t even consider discovery calls an option if looking into investing in this route. Thank you!

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