How Do I Retire Early-or Ever? Is Quitting Corporate Life an Option?

If you’re questioning whether or not it’s possible to retire early, you’re not alone.

As I was talking to my financial advisor Sara this morning, whose been focusing on this topic quite a bit lately on her Linked In messaging, it reiterated my decision to emphasize the value of understanding your financial needs (specifically how much money you actually need each month) in setting up a life of professional freedom.

So many of us GenXers (and those younger wanting to be free BY 50) are overwhelmed by a sense of need to enjoy every moment possible and determine a way to leave the 9-5. But money is the key to that right?

It was the topic of my Budget Matters post, and referenced it repeatedly throughout my blog. I’ve highlighted it as a step in escaping the 9-5 when I wrote my cornerstone post about how my layoff was a blessing.

how do I retire early sit down and figure out your finances
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Maybe the answer lies in your definition of retirement.

Is it truly about retirement as we’ve always understood it to be defined or is it about getting out of the stress corporate life drips constantly like a leaky faucet into our daily life? Retirement sounds GREAT but the reality is maybe it’s about being productive, but not having to ask for time off if you need to care for a loved one or have the opportunity to do something on your bucket list.

Maybe your definition includes doing what you love, not what you “have” to do.

So: what do you want to retire from?

First of all, is the idea of retirement based on emotion or a full understanding of what you really want? For me, after reading the 4-Hour Workweek and having my personal a-ha moment, it was about earning income in a way that allows me flexibility to spend less time working in the traditional sense and having the ability to own my time.

Oh – and for me: not be forced to wear men’s style shirts that come in “small, medium, or large,” have a logo and do not fit most of us women. LOL I’m just being honest.

Seriously though, I believe that we can throw the notion of “retirement” out the window and focus on enjoying life.  

You can earn income, do things you love, and feel like you’re retired.

Income doesn’t just fall at your feet. It doesn’t just deposit itself into your bank account. You have to work for it. I’ve been doing so for a lot of months and still have yet to reach the holy grail: passive income earned just from writing.

But here’s the thing about doing what you love and on your schedule, being able to pivot your tasks, set priorities and deadlines for yourself (and with a coach of course!): the work is fun. Mostly.

I will admit there’s a huge learning curve for me to get to income through writing. A lot of this I mentioned in my post about my layoff being a blessing and many other posts. All of these are aimed at giving you tools and shortcuts and sharing experiences and knowledge of guest authors like Marinella Yule who talks about becoming an entrepreneur or Victoria J. Watson who shares her a-ha moments and trip out of the 9-5 and into a location-independent lifestyle.

How can you learn more?

Stick with FreeAt50! I’ll continue to share information from experts, from people who have driven down the road of professional freedom and from my own experience.

In fact, I’ll be posting focused articles with actions for you to implement and move forward with in your quest to ditch corporate life for good.

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10 thoughts on “How Do I Retire Early-or Ever? Is Quitting Corporate Life an Option?

  1. I also share your hatred of logo’ed shirts. How come they ONLY are available in men’s sizes?! Thanks for this post about the early retirement option. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! So important in today’s environment! More and more people are tired of the idea that we are supposed to work to pay taxes and die. They want to be able to enjoy life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this. I am working for myself now and earn very little but it is growing slowly. I do not want to stop working but my health dictated that I stop my full time job. I love setting my own agenda and working more flexibly. Just need to increase the revenue!!

    Liked by 1 person

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