Getting in the Groove: Blogging for Life. And Business.

Timing is everything.

It’s 4 months into my blog being published and with the New Year came the decision to go “all in.” Out of corporate and into the life I am designing, free of the traditional 9-5 grind.

It’s also January and that means 1) I’ve had time to dig into my purchase of GrooveFunnels (re-branding to Groove since it’s way beyond sales funnels) and 2) do a post specific to my affiliate support and partnership with Groove.

SIDE NOTE: I plan to move this blog to Groove! Watch for updates and new links through my Facebook page or subscribe by email on my homepage.

Being authentic.

No, this post is not a sales pitch, and not just a review. It is a nod to my belief in being authentic about this journey to becoming a blogger, and as such, an online entrepreneur.

My ultimate goal: 3 guiding principles based on Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Workweek:

  1. Leave corporate life for good.
  2. Own my time.
  3. Design my lifestyle.

One of the most valuable assets to all of this: Groove. Click here for my synopsis of what it can do. I’m sending you to my landing page to show you how simple it is to use GroovePages. I’m by no means tech-savvy but I created the landing page in about 15 minutes after watching some of their videos.

TBH, I don’t know anyone that cannot benefit from at least the free version. Give yourself this post-holiday gift.

What is my reason for getting it?

My friend Kay in Australia told me it was free. So I jumped online to sign up knowing I would use SOMETHING they offer. And then, boom! I bought the the platinum deal.

As of today, two limited offers still apply:

  1. FREE for life (going to $99/month for this base level)
  2. $1397 for platinum for life (planned to go to $299/month)

Here is the rundown of why I chose to TRY out platinum. I already feel the value from the video tutorials (I have so much tech and online learning I need!) and the Facebook group, which has a mentorship program. Shout-out to Gayanna in Montana, who is my go-to and an expert at building websites.

But I knew I would likely do course creation. I looked at Kajabi and you can see below testing Groove out was a no-brainer. While working on my new life online, I’ve met so many bloggers and online entrepreneurs that have spent money on multiple courses and platforms, switching over time. My thought: my investment in Groove is less than 10 months of Kajabi at the cheapest level. #TotallyWillingToInvest

groovefunnels comparison chart and pricing

Why this price? It is still officially in beta although many functions are operating. People are using it!

My investment decision.

Going back to Ferriss’ 4 Hour Workweek concept of thinking about my worst-case scenario in making my investment decision, getting Groove made sense. My personal worst-case scenario? It is a learning and networking tool. My best case scenario? I get this blog over to it, the built-in SEO rocks, I use GrooveMail and GrooveMember, and much more.

I actually bought the DaphneForBusiness domain and created a landing page/website homepage for any future plans to move forward with a small business course and any consultation packages. I had help from Gayanna and Arun, who I met on the Facebook group, and cannot tell you how far ahead I feel for that potential income stream beyond the blog! (Oh and since it’s on Groove, I’ve already paid for hosting with my $1397 investment… no monthly or annual hosting fees!)

Free is worth it.

It’s not just for those of you like me, going all-in online right now. If you aren’t going all-in for business online but know you will need some level of email automation, why pay for Mailchimp or Convertkit when you can have up to 500 contacts into GrooveMail and set up opt-ins, create up to 3 landing pages or websites… I mean really. It is a no-brainer. You will have access (though a little limited) to so many functions. Calendar, webinar streaming, video creation, etc. etc.

Again, timing is everything.

Me being authentic: just sign up to have it when you need it. I am telling all my friends this and now am putting it right on the blog. Cheers to 2021! This limited offer will go away. Now is the time my friends!

timing is everything
Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

41 thoughts on “Getting in the Groove: Blogging for Life. And Business.

  1. Hey Daphne! Sounds like you’re rocking Free At 50! Congrats!

    Quick Q… does it make sense for Vision Clinic to get “Groovy” and sign up for Groove? We do spend a TON on Mailchimp, but we have a ridiculous number of patient emails. Obviously, we have Avelient and Sam. There are times we get frustrated but can’t beat that price…




    1. I would say sign up for free then get on the FB group to get more info- but in short yes. It replaces mail chimp for sure BUT remember the free version is limited. Also it is all in Beta. In my opinion, it is worth checking out for businesses, not just solo entrepreneurs.


  2. Your blog is really interesting! It’s nice to read something from people who are not the same age (the great majority of bloggers in my country are my age). I hope you’re really enjoying your new lifestyle! It truly sounds like freedom compared to the normal. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hope the moving went smoothly! Glad to hear that you got a new domain and the vision for your blog is so clear. Lifestyle design sounds very cool to me. I’ve been trying to design a new post-pandemic lifestyle, so far I have no complaints.

    Liked by 1 person

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