Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs Working from Home

I am constantly and pretty consistently improving my life from the standpoint of productivity. With 2021 weeks away, I wanted to shoot out a 2nd post on productivity, following up to my Positivity + Motivation = Productivity post. Since I am self-employed and becoming an entrepreneur (I guess I am one right?), this post focuses on productivity tips specifically designed to foster my growth and success.

And yours!

As I was thinking about what motivates me, it is always, hands-down, other people. So in the spirit of the giving season, I want to share some great links on productivity from other bloggers out there! So here it is: my blogging roundup #1. After all we all have different approaches and different learning styles. I’ll close with my latest and biggest motivator on being productive.

1 Don’t Think About Being Productive- Do it

I met Mayuri Gangwal of on a Facebook thread about collaboration. Not only does she have an excellent post about productivity, she has a plethora of blog entries you’ll want to check out from recipes to travel to health and fitness. Give her blog a go! Regarding productivity she offers “7 relatable tips” and opens with some frank paragraphs on the need for it for all of us working from home, which has become commonplace during COVID. She details ideas from routines and exercise to prioritization and list creation.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

2 Being Your Own Boss- Dress for it

Khadija Kiran went her own way several years ago. Degreed in graphic design, content marketing and SEO, she left the “working for others” world and armed with talent started her blog, Her tips and tricks for productivity are truly based on mindset, including dressing the part, (working) instead of dressing for Netflix. Male or female, GenXer or Millenial, we all understand the need to be Zoom-ready but also to do this for ourselves should we not?

3 Own Your Time – Don’t Manage It

This is a phrase and a hashtag throughout my writing- right? I even have a whole post on it. Lisa from Lisa Sharp Creative wrote a post directed at ensuring bloggers and online entrepreneurs have a toolkit for being productive based on using time wisely. Her advice highlights the importance of knowing yourself and building a customized strategy of productivity. From automation to delegation, she has tips and tricks for you!

clock-on-laptop owning your time planning time time management working from home
Photo by Igor Son on Unsplash

4 Block Your Schedule- it is totally OK

Want to get a walk-thru on effectively blocking your schedule? Jennifer Kropf uses her experience as a mom blogger (let’s face it, am I wrong that moms can be total experts at this?) to give us a template. Click over to her productivity blog post which shows how blocking your schedule can transform your day – it delivers. Step-by-step with an example and link to a planning template. (not just for moms, trust me- someone who is not a mom!).

5 Hacks for Productivity- Simplify

Ellen from Ellen Blogs has it down. Hack #1 (I’m giving it away here!) figuring out the “why” of it. She asks you to define the reason you want to be more productive. Her blog on productivity hacks gives you a 7-step plan for making productivity happen. Working from home, being a blogger or any type of entrepreneur takes focus. Her ideas will help you get it and to simply: simplify.

6 Invest Wisely, but Invest

This one is from me. I’ve spent the last few months digging deep and honing in on what it is I really want to focus on to put money in the bank and delicious food on the table.

Because as you’ve read by now, being productive is all about going all in on a project, a lifestyle, or your career. I’m not judging anyone that is setting up a side-hustle while still employed; in fact, I applaud you! Knowing which side-hustle to do is the key though right? Focus.

I LOVE doing this blog. I love writing (I even love finding cool photos and graphics to add to the page!). I love all the amazing people I’ve met in this process and the stories I’ve come across.

That said, my gift to myself this year is to go all in (risk!) with this thing. Blogging as a career. My first (hopeful!) income stream.

What I have learned over the last few months (and truly knew from the get-go) is that I would need to invest.

Investment #1: technology I will need long-term. I went for Groovefunnels (and with zero experience or talent, you can see through my affiliate page how easy it is to set up a landing page with them!). The almost $1400 investment is already paying off in my opinion as you’ve seen through my recent posts, and I urge any of you to check it out while that premium level is at a one-time fee and for those not ready to budget the funds, the free version you can sign up for through my link. And when you are ready to spend, do it to get the technology you need.

Investment #2: myself. What I learned about me? Well- those that know me know that I’m a creative at heart. Yes I create lists, use (maybe over-use?) technology to track things, but in the end, I am not a check-lister. And I can easily overwhelm myself with my own excitement and ideas! My productivity tip that may work for you: get a coach. After much reading, course-watching and a couple GREAT conversations, I knew Tegan Marshall can give me the roadmap I need and am working with her through one-on-one individual coaching sessions to get advice and build my roadmap, one step at a time. (Shout-out to Brian for the “introduction.”)

This is my final productivity tip, to reiterate (because my friends know I always reiterate!): invest in what you need to move you forward.

25 thoughts on “Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs Working from Home

  1. Helpful tips. I at least gave up the sweat pants. They weren’t flattering and made me feel schlumpy all the time, but I need to get back in the habit of a little makeup. When I do a Live I realize how much a little makeup would help!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Yoanna! The journey to actually being free: not giving a — (fill in with your own personal style) and being transparent. Right? This is the best thing that happened to me and I know SO many people stuck in a life of mediocrity (or worse). I hope being honest about the road I’ve chosen will give others the inspiration to grab what they want.


  2. I found that my productivity was hampered by social media fueled dopamine addiction. Now most people would say, just shut off your phone notifications, close Facebook etc, but for those of us whose jobs heavily involve social media, its really hard to do.

    So, to improve my productivity, I played into my dopamine addiction.

    I start my day by writing a very short and simple “to do” list. I don’t plan out my entire day – instead I just create a simple list of things to complete in the first few hours of the day. I include even things outside of work like “make coffee.” Once completed, I cross it off the to do list. It’s important to physically write it down and physically cross it off.

    The act of completing the task, as well as crossing it off, gives me that same dopamine hit, that cruising through Facebook does. It also gives me the fuel and motivation to create the second list of the day – this one is a bit more complex, but still basic enough to be able to get things completed quickly.

    Even if I have large project, my “to do” is never “work on project.” Instead I make a list of each small detail that I need to complete in order. Then as I go through I can cross things off the list and feel good about it. The added benefit is that if I do get sidetracked, I know exactly where I left off.

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