Best Gift Ideas for Bloggers and all of us Online

I am jumping on the bandwagon! To be honest, I wasn’t planning on creating a gift guide…until I started putting my wish-list together and realized everything I want this year relates to my new life, having the goal of earning income online. So here are some ideas for you (and links of course!) if you have someone on your gift list going for the “online” lifestyle:

  • A camera – these are shockingly tough to 1) figure out and 2) come by. We finally narrowed down what I would be getting and found out it was indefinitely backordered due to manufacturing issues resulting from Covid. In our research we found many amazing options. Here are two less expensive options with great reviews:
    • Hrayzan Webcam features a rotatable clip and boasts a wide angle- supported by the reviews. 1080p and specifically talked-about for video streaming, this one comes with a tri-pod on Amazon.
    • Mytrix Autofocus has a 1080p webcam and a wide angle. It also boasts the ability to cancel noise. Auto-focus is a feature I’ve thought about knowing I want to create videos for online courses, and this one has it (clearly–it’s in the name!).
  • A laptop – out of corporate and into my own professional freedom meant I had to get set up with a laptop! I highly recommend the one I landed on: the Lenovo Yoga c740. It is fabulous in almost every way and I can attest to the customer service/live chat. As a gal with no IT background, this is HUGE for me! I put a lot of research into this and other than the camera being “meh” the rest is fabulous. Make sure you provide setup with McAfee protection, mine was a screaming deal setting it up right from the laptop as Lenovo had it ready to go. #PeaceOfMind
  • Courses – whether it is professional growth, technical skills or personal development, in a time where online life is growing exponentially, a course is an excellent gift. Courses are available on Udemy and Teachable on a plethora of topics but here are some I want to personally recommend:
    • The gift of gratitude – support through a self-guided experience. This 21-day course from Mosaic Starfish is not bound to a timeline but rather releases the next activity after one is completed. A perfect gift for helping use gratitude to release stress and focus on creating a sustainable practice of it.
    • For someone who wants to get started: Blogging For New Bloggers Fast Track Premium Edition which is a blueprint for getting started and moving forward!
    • A legal bundle, also from Blogging for New Bloggers. This course bundle includes templates for copyrights, disclosures, disclaimers, a privacy policy, and terms and conditions. This value pack includes lifetime updates. I dug around for free and downloaded the basics, but decided I needed to be covered for the future and want to have it all at my fingertips. Truly a great gift you can give!
  • Webhosting/Platforms/ProgramsGrooveFunnels. For blogging, I plan to move over as soon as the blog-hosting is up and running but am already using the platform in other ways. I’ve created an affiliate program landing page and started designing a website. The basic program is free for a limited time, the platinum level is a one-time $1397 cost (then for life!). Hosting, along with all the other services you can check out here will later range from $99-$299/month. It would be an amazing gift! Other ideas I’ve found as I’ve researched, tested out and connected with others working online:
    • Tailwind can help online businesses with both Instagram and Pinterest. More than just a scheduling program (which is a huge benefit), there are “tribes” to share pins, which you can learn more about here. Now that Pinterest corrected my account, I plan to move forward to success with the support of Tailwind!
    • Squarespace, Bluehost, and Siteground are some of the most popular I see talked about and you can typically purchase a full year of hosting. Information in detail here. Of course, there are alternatives to the “big box” options such as Blue Dog Websites, where your service is more “concierge” as it is independently owned.
    • Calendly is what I’m using now to set up meetings and invite others to book time with me. It’s about $100 for a year and worth it! However, a calendar function is coming to GrooveFunnels so I will probably switch over, but I do recommend it for anyone needing this as a stand-alone option.
    • InPixio photo editing software for both PC and Mac! For those serious about photos for their business, this is an outstanding gift.
  • Free time stuff and things to help us through the day – let’s face it- the goal of working from home and creating income streams is to access the holy grail: time. My journey has given me so much more freedom!
    • Savvi – amazing work-from-home clothes in the athleisure category for women! $25 off your first order. From sweaters to leggings to tops, I know you will find the perfect gift. I’ll be wearing some of this for sure!
    • Writers like to read right? How about the latest Kindle Oasis to cozy up with many many books, all in one place? Also a good buy, the Kindle paperwhite – this version is waterproof!
    • Coffee and tea. Must-haves! There is the obvious – especially since Starbucks is everywhere: a Starbucks gift card. Or how about a Blogger mug, a beautiful stainless steel tea kettle with a natural stone finish, or a coffeemaker that brews 10 cups into a pot or one serving into a thermos? Great for those of us that wander with our laptop.
coffeemaker gift coffee thermos
  • More happiness and Joy
    • A plant for his/her workspace. You can get one delivered! Flowers Fast, known for same-day delivery on some items and an outstanding customer service team, has plants in their specialty tab. Send happiness!
    • Air BnB gift card or a gift card- working on the road from anywhere! One reason some of us get online to do business? The freedom to be anywhere anytime. Tip on – the card can be used on most any brand of hotel/motel (sometimes combined with points, hotel location dependent) and often include Bed and Breakfast options as well as boutique hotels, not associated with a chain. #TotalTravelFreedom to hit the beach, a big city or anywhere really!
  • Misc Tools
    • Whiteboard- for those of us with a home office a dry erase board like this one from Kling Magnetics, that can be folded up is an amazing addition to our workspace, easy to tuck away and store. There are many sizes out there, and it’s an outstanding, inexpensive gift. This one from Ghent is pricier but both larger and sturdier. It opens to 72 inches and also closes to a gray fabric tack board that is about 3 feet.
    • – so many amazing products to keep organized. In fact you can order up gifts including journals, planners, desk calendars and even puzzles and games. Click to Get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $15.
    • Staples or Amazon gift cards– we all need everything from printer ink to post-its and purple pens (well I like purple). This type of gift card is a huge help!

#Cheers and happy holidays everyone!

51 thoughts on “Best Gift Ideas for Bloggers and all of us Online

  1. Great ideas! Great tips for those of us searching for the right gift that is also practical.

    I can suggest 1 more…

    My wife is a nursing professor and teaches some classes from home. Sitting at her desk for hours hinders her creativity and is hard on her neck and arms. She bought a desk top that sits on top of her current desk but can elevate allowing her to stand and teach along with being better for her body.
    Maybe bloggers can use this too 😊

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  2. Good list Daphne. Agreeing with you for all of the above. A laptop is essential along with a good internet package. And certainly learning new skills online from platforms will be totally useful. Its in my bucket list too for sometime now ..

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  3. Great gift guide for new bloggers. I personally like Udemy a lot. I’ve learned so many things on that platform, and I’m always looking for new courses!

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  4. Such a great list! I could use sooooo many of those things! But I think we all fall into that boat! I already for my lights for taking pictures (early gift ;). ). So I’m slowly working my way to my camera next! Thanks for sharing!


  5. I LOVE this gift list! What a great idea to compile gift ideas for those of us who work from home…and with covid still raging that’s a LOT of us!

    I will be sending this link to my husband πŸ™‚

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  6. Good list of ideas, I actually have a whiteboard that I never use, but definitely need to start. I had not heard of groove funnels so I may need to check that one out.

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  7. Enjoyed reading your wish list of BEST GIFT IDEAS FOR BLOGGERS AND ALL OF US ONLINE. I try to live sustainably so gift ideas for things I can do online are appreciated by me. Fabulous post.

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  8. These are all great ideas! I know I would love some of the things on your list as gifts. I know some family members who are giving money for Christmas this year instead of gifts so I will be treating myself to some new equipment to help with blogging.

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  9. This is a great list! I am definitely wishing for a new laptop right now. Mine has been too slow and I feel like loosing so much time just sitting and waiting for stuff to load…

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