Thankful for 2020

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I am sincerely grateful for 2020. This post is a nod to that. Simple grace and humble thanks.

I remember in the 80s thinking “How cool is 1999 NYE going to be? Our 30th year will be SO COOL.” We were listening to Prince (RIP) and thinking, yes, we will party like it’s 1999. #GenXVibes.

What I realized was each decade got BETTER. Turning 50 seemed so far away back then for us GenXers at West Ottawa High School as we cruised the beach all summer, and spent Friday nights watching our guys in black and white battle it out on the field.

But 50 is the new 40 right? It isn’t but that’s ok. Yes, I am more conscious of things now that I’m older. I’m a little less reckless and a little more likely to talk about health with friends instead of where we are going to be seeing our favorite band and what the drink specials are that night. Those memories are fun to haul out once in awhile, but I am content to leave that lifestyle behind. And so is my body! #NoRegrets #NoGuiltZone

Life is good now. I was laid off and because my lifestyle in my 50th year is different, I was able to take a breath and ENJOY the break, then the decision to move forward without the stress of a corporate lifestyle.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have jumped ship from that life, just kept up with the stress and collected my really nice paycheck. But this is 2020- and it brought COVID. Which resulted in my layoff. And the biggest and best life-change I couldn’t have imagined would come with my 50th birthday.

And I am grateful. The pandemic has brought a whole mess of sadness, and irrevocable change. But some of that change is a blessing. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the change 2020 has brought. Not just my new lifestyle, but the gift of time. Time spent as I choose it and with my partner in life. As he has officially retired from the military January 1st, we get to start a new chapter in 2020.

So with 2020, comes a different kind of Thanksgiving. We will still eat turkey, traditional sides and pie. But we will be picking it up from his parents’ front porch and bringing it home to enjoy separately together. Giving thanks over a meal, with family and gratitude front-of-mind.

Reach inside, deep inside if you need to, and find the blessings of 2020. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

38 thoughts on “Thankful for 2020

  1. I love this post and your positive attitude!
    Like you, I’m grateful for a lot this year. There’s no denying it’s been a strange year, but it’s helped me to reconnect with my true priorities and values. The slower pace and less frequent commutes have also meant I have more time and energy to read and go for walks, both things I love.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I’m grateful for the slower pace as well. This year has been terrible. I’ve been to more funerals, has more tragedy, and more people to take care of, and yet I have learned so much about myself. I hope we will all come out the other side of 2020 as better humans.

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    1. Thx and I agree! Especially those of us on social media so much as bloggers right? So much negativity out there I am grateful to your FB group and all the bloggers I have “met” through their writing and even on Zoom and messaging – all so inspiring!


  3. It’s great to be able to find the positives in 2020. I’ve found more time to work on my blog! How exciting that you are starting a new chapter in your life! Thanks for the positive encouragement.

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  4. Very inspiring post, thank you for sharing. It is true, this year was unlike any other year before, it brought change to our lifestyle, but despite we need to find a reason and still be grateful! Great images by the way!

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  5. Oh, man I remember 1999. I met my best friend at a party and we celebrate each year. Such an easy friend-aversary date to remember. We hung out and watched The Matrix and joked how everyone was going nuts over computers crashing. Lol it never happened. So funny how every took it.

    I am not quite 50 yet (it’s gonna come though, I am not too far off) but I agree that life is different now. I don’t have as many friends. Honestly, I don’t hang out with anyone. It’s kind of sad but I tell my son to enjoy having friends because sometimes it’s not like the movies featuring Adam Sandler. You’re lucky if you get to hang out like that. I do have friends I talk to but we all live separate lives and live in different states. Everyone has aged and then you have me. “How do you look the same?” I really don’t. Lol I look at my pictures and can tell I have but no one believes my age. Interesting stories there.

    I am grateful for being single for 6 years. Just me and the kids. It’s been rough. I left an abusive ex and stayed single. I’m celebrating this weekend with a glass of something. Maybe one of those cheap single serve wines. The ones that aren’t aged well. Six years this weekend I am grateful to have become more of who I am and I try so hard to get further away from the life that hurt to a life that is better. It’s hard but I’m grateful to be this far.


    1. Thank you for sharing Ashley! We are definitely all the sum of our experiences aren’t we? You lift that glass and toast yourself and those kids! Cheers to life and to us GenX kids, all grown up with an archive of memories to savor.


  6. Thanks for sharing, and it’s definitely something I needed to read right about now! It’s so hard to focus on the good sometimes but there are still some things to be thankful for, and I need to remember that!

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  7. It’s great to seeing you stay so positive despite being laid off and seeing the good in it. It’s not all negative – I love it. Sending you love and more positive vibes! May 2021 be good for you 😊

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  8. Gosh I love this post! Although we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here in the UK, gratitude is always hugely important to me. I’m struggling right now and this year has been a NIGHTMARE but I’m grateful for it too. All the lessons it’s brought with it. I think, even if we don’t realise it yet, we’ve all learned a lot from this year x

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  9. I absolutely love this positive take on 2020. I’ve been having a really rough year this year, so it’s nice to read some positive things and know that others out there are doing well. Here’s to 2021 treating us even better!

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  10. I love this post. It gave me chills reading it. It is amazing how many blessings came from seemingly terrible circumstances. Thank you for sharing.

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