Making SEO and Increasing Traffic Easy- Yeah right!

SEO is not easy. At all.

Search Engine Optimization, shortened and known as SEO, is complex. And I am working on it. But I am not there yet. First off, I am not yet self-hosted (that alone is limiting). But I will be soon! I signed up for the platinum level of GrooveFunnels. Their basic version is FREE right now so get it using this link. It leads to my first-ever-created affiliate page- yes, they made this page super-simple to create! While you can actively do a lot with Groove, the blog hosting is still coming (here is their rollout schedule) and thus you get the base program for free instead of $99/month but that cost is coming soon (platinum is expected to cost $299/month).

I AM EXCITED because SEO is something they will be master at.

So do I still need to understand it? Unfortunately, yes. But I just want to write! LOL. However, I know the value of increasing my knowledge on the tech side, so here we are. And here is this post, the idea of my good friend Terence, who listened to me be overwhelmed by it all and guided me to address the overwhelm, share what I’ve learned, and just write it out.

5 Ways I Will Accomplish Understanding SEO

For any of y’all blogging or doing any business online, please steal them!

1. Facebook groups: this is my #1 most favorite find (because it is FUN)! Some of you may be here now because you also saw the value in getting on a page with like-minded people looking to succeed online. I cannot stress enough how much daily threads on these groups, especially active ones like ASelfGuru-Biz Blog Community, Blogging Well With Pinterest, and Bloggers Collective, all providing the opportunity to leave a link to your blog, your promo/landing page or your freebie, can offer in building your online presence. As I mentioned in my Frazzled But Hopeful-Building My Toolkit post, there are benefits to these beyond building traffic, including idea-sharing and learnings, all for free.

2. Many people have mentioned plug-ins such as Yoast, or the WordPress one for Google Analytics. While I cannot attest to plug-ins since I do not have the capability on this platform and plan, I have set up my free Google Analytics account to learn it and for the foundation of building up SEO later. Taking time to review it and see what is and is not working it soooo important.

3. GrooveFunnels: they have an amazing online academy – I may be getting my platinum investment on education alone. Again, sign up for FREE right now, to at least dig around what education is available no matter which direction you go with your online presence.

4. Training opportunities offered online such as a course or masterclass. Hint: once you start searching specific types of training, ads will pop up for you on Google and Facebook, I promise. I watched an excellent free masterclass from StupidSimpleSEO. While I wasn’t ready to go all in on the paid training, this was a great start and I’ve already started using some of the concepts. Another free course I am implementing into my online life and highly recommend is SEO Made Simple on the HerPaperRoute blog. Click here for the link to it and the full resource library of free courses on the site. I will be continuing my education with some of these!

5. Free is fabulous but in the end, investment will be necessary. That is why I see, at the very least, the education I get on GrooveFunnels as worth my platinum investment of almost $1400. (Forget the hosting, video creation, email automation, booking calendar and so much more). It was a no-brainer for me since I’d already decided I would be spending a minimum of $1000 on courses. I reviewed several free courses to see teaching style, decide my path and determine where, when and what I will invest in. Do the same!

Making SEO easy get coffee and get started on learning
Image by Linette Simoes from Pixabay

5 Tips I Have Picked Up Regarding SEO and Increasing Traffic

1. Internal Links: You’ll notice I link to previous blog posts in my writing, like this leading to my 1st entry which is also linked on my home-page intro. By criss-crossing (my term, not an official one I learned anywhere), you alert Google to more activity and credibility. I actually learned this in my previous marketing life. And it was something I witnessed in the results of our members’ efforts investing with online cooperative marketing, a program I oversaw and learned a lot from.

2. Simplify your URL: This is something I need to understand better from a tech standpoint, but not having a long URL is proven to help with SEO. (hey guys- if you can walk me through this quickly on Zoom – for WordPress – book time with me!).

3. Use keywords correctly: yes you need to do a little training on this but a quick tip- search keywords and phrases on Google and see what comes up. Does this list of websites and links match the content on your blog or page? Learn from your competitors (or like-minded people you can share readers/customers with). And repeat, repeat, repeat. Using internal links, and similar keywords throughout my blog, I hope to increase my SEO.

4. Create a task list for SEO, deal with it in parts – if you are tech-savvy, you may be able to go all in for a day or a week but for me, I have to learn continuously on this one. Just like I talk about in my Positivity + Motivation = Productivity post, you need to do you when it comes to training, projects and, ultimately, achievements.

5. Be seen everywhere you can! Guest blogging is a great way to increase traffic to your site (even if it isn’t a blog!) and I am open to helping others, which I know will help you as my readers seeing multiple ideas and points of view. If you want to discuss opportunities, let me know. I will, when expanding this site, post information regarding guest blogging.

Watch for updates. I will continue sharing what I learn. #Cheers!

Making SEO easy grab a coffee and set up your laptop
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27 thoughts on “Making SEO and Increasing Traffic Easy- Yeah right!

  1. Thank you for sharing such an important thing about blogging. Learning SEO will pay you back with organic traffic to your blog. Your tips are helpful and easy to understand. Guest blogging is a great oppurnity to get backlinks, and also new readers to your blog. Happy blogging!


  2. wow! love your honest writing style.
    yes, it is critical that you have to understand seo, but most of it is clearly experimental and no one has an exact method on how to do it.
    thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Some really good actionable tips and nuggets here to help with SEO and traffic gen. Groovefunnel is an excellent opportunity to that people should really look into. Thanks for sharing


  4. Good for you on learning SEO. I’m doing much better with on page SEO but I’m going to treat myself to a course on backlinks for Black Friday. So many bloggers don’t bother with it, but it helps your traffic a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I will say that I created a test landing page on Groove and they seem to be coming thru on their claim of SEO being so good. I am ranking 1-3 on a page without active links and no effort 🤣 I have to unpublish it now!


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