This is 50 Y’all!

It is here. The celebration of my 50th year. I just called my parents to say thank you, something I do every year on my birthday- my mom went through the pain of bringing me into the world and my dad had a pretty big role to play. They gave me a life that was the best they could offer, and I appreciate that more than I can ever express. We were always more than comfortable and though like any family, (and any childhood) had our moments, the overall outcome: an amazing experience. My gift back will be putting some of their incredible stories and memories into writing sooner than later.

Reflecting is easy this year. The halfway point (or not?).  And I feel compelled to write something today- my blog is all about the pivotal changes in my life at 50 and inspiring others, right? While I now know everyone doesn’t dress up on October 31st to celebrate me (what I used to NOT know as a small child LOL), I still feel like the princess I always wanted to be for Halloween- so incredibly blessed and cared for.

Essentially, I am simply happy. And since it is my birthday, I will step away from my laptop and leave with this: a birthday message to you all- reflect, be grateful, don’t hesitate, step forward, and enjoy every moment you can – it is never too early or too late to create the life you want. Cheers to 50!

8 thoughts on “This is 50 Y’all!

  1. Happy, happy birthday to you, Daphne! And many more years with you to inspire others to celebrate their life changes through this blog. ❤


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