I’m having a moment of “writer’s block”- or maybe if I’m honest a week or so of it. As part of my learning process into reaching the goal of “living the dream” (mine anyway) I’ve sought out the knowledge and experience of others, especially regarding writing. One expert blogger said there’s no such thing, writer’s block is a mindset.  Maybe, maybe not but I think I’ve figured out the root cause of mine: overwhelming myself with what a blog should be and so much expert advice.

I started FreeAt50 with no real purpose other than to organize the thoughts I’ve been typing into paragraphs and learn not only how to blog, but how to “master” WordPress and any other technology that might help feed my future- or more precisely feed ME in the future!  I quickly realized what I already knew about myself, I tend to over-analyze and the best way to learn will be to “do” instead of getting caught in a hamster wheel of preparation. So I made this blog public. And boom. #TheBlockSetIn.  All of a sudden, I felt the pressure to do what all the blogging teachers preach: bring value.

Well I’m giving myself a break and going back to the reason this thing is posted: to learn, track my journey and, being true to myself, stay free of the stresses and pressures of the corporate life I just blessedly left.  Then maybe, this “blocked” mindset will dissipate and I will get more thoughts shot out through my keyboard and onto WordPress. Hopefully in the process, some of y’all will get some value even if it’s only to know you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed, overly analytical, or slightly exhausted. All things that are OK to feel and that you’ll move past.

Where I’m headed in September from my initial plan to take a break from traditional “work” to take a deeper dive into things I’m passionate about? I’m not sure yet and that is totally OK. I’ve been working with a business owner on a strategic plan for her business and her team (which I am loving and thinking on how to template into an online business), I have stepped up my restaurant reviews for (which may or may not be profitable at some point), and I have started a business account on Pinterest for FreeAt50 (where I’m pinning, saving and organizing ideas to help me live the dream).

But for today: #GettingUnblocked and planning to binge some TV with the man in my life. And posting this blog even though it’s above 10 on the Flesch-Kincaid reading level scale instead of 8!

3 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. The block is real I’ve had it a lot of late and the whole state of the world right now hasn’t helped. Divisive politics, conflicts, blatant inequality and covid has put many in a place where their brain is mush. Hope it shifts soon leaving you with calm and clarity


  2. I’m sure all of us writers can definitely agree with the “block.” I felt the same last month especially, I think the election stuff was zapping me. Glad you got smart and shared about it. 😉

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